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She Ready! Tiffany Haddish Releases Video For Her Song ‘Woman Up’ After 6-Month Sobriety Anniversary

Wayment! Did Tiffany Haddish just come through with a banger for the ladies? On Wednesday (June 12), the award-winning comedian shook up the innanet after she dropped the video for her new single, ‘Woman Up.’

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Tiffany Drops Empowering Anthem

Billboard reports that Grammy Award-winning songwriter Diane Warren wrote ‘Woman Up’ to embody female empowerment and resilience.

The motivational anthem arrives after Haddish’s equally inspirational 2024 book, ‘I Curse You With Joy,’ which shares lessons from her childhood trauma, experiences as a Black woman in entertainment, and reunion with her estranged father.

In an interview with Billboard, Haddish expressed her excitement about working with Diane Warren and shared that the song captures how she stays motivated daily.

“I am beyond excited to share this incredible song ‘Woman Up’ with the world. Collaborating with legendary songwriter Diane Warren has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. The essence of this song accurately describes how I get myself motivated on a daily basis and pick myself up when I need it most,” Haddish explained.

Social Media Reacts To ‘Woman Up’

After Tiffany’s music video was released, the Roomies quickly shared their thoughts in The Shade Room comment section. Kevin Hart’s ex-wife, Torrei Hart, also offered her opinion on Tiffany’s new track. The television personality posted an Instagram Reel expressing gratitude to Tiffany for the uplifting song.

“I got one word for y’all ‘mind ya business.’ You know why? Cause a lot of y’all is going in on this song ‘Woman Up’ by Tiffany, but let me tell you something, this song is motivational and it got me up out the bed this morning. So mind ya business. And I know it sounds like its from the early 2000’s or whatever, but so what. Cause its gonna cross over, it’s gonna be a hit. Watch! Mark my words. And you inspire me Tiffany,” Torrei Hart said.


Instagram user @mytiaranicole wrote, “This has to be the most random s**t I’ve watched on the internet this week. 

Instagram user @karranr_ “What in the Disney Channel is going on? 

Then Instagram user @c.b.3 wrote, “This sounds like something I’d expect from Lizzo – but Tiffany nvm ok congrats.” 

Instagram user @peachtree313 wrote, “KidzBop won’t even have to edit this song.” 

Finally Instagram user @iiliv4ondy wrote, “Sounds like the music they play in Walgreens when you’re picking up your prescription lol!” 

YouTube Users Respond To ‘Woman Up’

However on YouTube Tiffany’s music video was met with several positive reactions from social media users, calling the new record a woman’s anthem.

@Mrscherelle50 wrote, “That’s right, don’t let nothing keep you down. Woman up. A woman’s anthem!” 

@destinystordy wrote, “This is LITERALLY an anthem. I’ve been feeling so crappy lately and this just reminded me that it’s okay to cry but GET UP! Thank you for this. Someone needed this, including me.” 

@tammyingram5673 “YEA YEAH YES YASSSSSSS. Already been singing song EVERY DAY. The video just sealed the deal. TEAM TIFF FO LIFE.”

@phoebeshentomlinson25 wrote Great Woman empowerment song. I think she is singing to her past self also. Go Tiff”

@dr.braxygilkeycruises1460 wrote, “This isn’t just a great song for the Summer. It is a much needed anthem for ALL of us for LIFE!!! Thank you very much, Tiffany Haddish!!!!!”

@SimonWoodwardArt wrote, This is such a Tiffany track to make! Dripping with good intentions. Love from the UK.” 

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