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SHEESH! Halle Berry Agrees To Pay Over $8K Monthly Child Support To Olivier Martinez, Plus A Percentage Of Her Earnings & All Expenses

It’s been 8 long years, and Halle Berry has just finalized her divorce settlement with Olivier Martinez.  And it’s a doozy.  The over-the-top amounts she must pony up to her (ex) husband of only 2 years, inside.

Halle Berry has to pony up some major cash in her child support agreement with ex-husband Olivier Martinez.  No wonder it took 4 times the length of the marriage to finalize all this!

According to reports, the Oscar-winning actress has agreed to pay thousands of dollars per month for her and actor Olivier’s 9-year-old son, Maceo, and she’s still sharing custody.

And get this — there was a prenup in place, and they agreed on joint legal & physical custody.  But for some reason, it appears Halle is still about to come up off some change…to the tune of well over $8K/month.

TMZ reports, according to finalized documents filed in L.A. Superior Court Wednesday:

“As for child support, Halle has to pony up $8,000 a month to Olivier. She will also pay an additional 4.3 percent of all income she receives above $2 million.

It doesn’t stop there … Halle must also cover Maceo’s private school tuition and 100 percent of his extracurricular activities, including soccer. She’s also on the hook for Maceo’s health insurance — both medical and dental — as well as any uninsured expenses.”


The custody portion is laid out to allow for equal time with both parents:

“Halle will have custody of Maceo Monday to Wednesday and Olivier will get him Wednesday to Friday, with some variations due to school closures. The pair will alternate custody of Maceo on the weekends.”



Halle’s current boyfriend, singer Van Hunt, won’t be allowed in Maceo’s mix when it comes to counseling.

“The docs also say Maceo will attend individual and family counseling. Halle and her daughter, Nahla, (from her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry), can sit in during the family sessions. But Halle’s current boyfriend, Van Hunt, is not allowed to participate.”

At least a final solution has been put into place after all these years, even if it is one we can imagine Halle isn’t totally feeling. 

Halle also was ordered to pay child support to another ex husband, model Gabriel Aubrey, for their 15-year-old daughter, Nahla.

Thankfully, she’s making major bank off producing her own films (like the hit Netflix movie Bruised), pushing her lifestyle brand and acting in big Blockbuster films.


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