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Skin Tone Sorcery??? TikTok Star PinkyDoll Shocks Social Media With Pretty Brown Complexion At Streamy Awards, Stirs Up Filterfish Accusations

(Chocolate) ice cream so good!

Source: Christopher Polk/Penske Media via Getty Images

Viral TikTok sensation PinkyDoll is trending after her eyebrow-raising appearance at the Streamy Awards where she appeared to be several shades darker than she is on her popular livestreams.

The “Queen of NPC” stunned in a curve-caressing catsuit while presenting an award to various digital stars and firing off her signature catchphrases like “ice cream so good” and “yes yes yes.”

🎥 | Viral TikTok star Pinkydoll presented an award at the #StreamyAwards last night 😭

— KenBarbie™ (@itsKenBarbie) August 28, 2023

For those outside the social media loop, the real-life A.I. character skyrocketed to social media stardom as the face of the hilariously unhinged NPC craze trending online.

this is a pinkydoll stan account

— ꜱɪʟᴋᴋ ᴅᴀ ꜱᴏᴀᴋᴀʜ (@soberthots_) July 13, 2023

In potentially lucrative TikTok livestreams, she plays the role of an “NPC” (non-playable character)–think real-life Anime characters–to receive money via eGifts like ice cream, balloons, and roses from viewers.


— depression BTC (@depression2019) July 18, 2023

Credited as the pioneer of the TikTok NPC craze, Pinkydoll continues to dominate TikTok with a booming brand and massive fan army that came to her defense over filterfishing accusations.

Until i hear pinky doll be anti black, my cape flying

— Olympia Black (@BigBadBunny2) August 29, 2023

While many accused the social media star of lightening her skin online, several of her fans swooped in to argue that she didn’t look that different in person.

They also claimed that a ring light (commonly used by influencers for quality lighting in videos) could also cause of her online/offline skin tone difference.

pinkydoll is like me, lighter in certain lighting and pecan brown in dimmer settings

— heartcracks (@DaMxrtian) August 28, 2023

Hmmm, based on the Streamys clip, photos from the event, and her IG posts, there certainly appears to be a noticeable difference but we’ll let you be the judge.

Pinkydoll must got the most powerful ring light camera on earth because….

— 🔥💪🏽#SaltInTheGame💪🏽🔥 (@MadamMoneySays) August 29, 2023

Do you think PinkyDoll is purposely filterfishing online? If yes, does it change whether you’ll support her content or not? Tell us down below and peep the Twitter hysteria over pretty brown Pinkydoll on the flip.

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