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Skip Bayless & ‘Undisputed’ Taking Two Months Off Reportedly Over Struggles Finding Shannon Sharpe Successor

Skip & Shannon: Undisputed – Source: Nicholas Hunt / Getty

Skip Bayless and Undisputed are currently on hiatus after reportedly failing to find a Shannon Sharpe replacement.

Shannon Sharpe’s time sitting opposite Skip Bayless for our entertainment on Undisputed has ended, and despite multiple on-air flare-ups, the last show featuring Sharpe had an amicable ending.

Reportedly after Shannon’s exit, Undisputed was due to return to national television on July 3 but that day came and went without an explanation. On July 5, the show’s official Twitter account offered an update that signaled there may be problems behind the scenes.

The shocking tweet noted that the popular program wouldn’t be back on-air until August 28.

LeBron isn’t the only one in the lab this summer. Can’t wait to unveil Undisputed just in time for football season.

— Skip Bayless (@RealSkipBayless) July 5, 2023

According to Front Office Sports, their sources revealed that the “risky two-month layoff” was caused by FS1 higher-up’s inability to find a replacement for Shannon which is pretty shocking considering ESPN laying off several high-profile media personalities.

“Shannon’s exit moved way faster than they expected. So they had no choice but to go on hiatus,” said one source to Front Office Sports. “Skip has never done anything like this during all his years at FS1 or ESPN. Not being on the air during all these NBA moves is killing him.”


Other rumors suggest that Skip has the final say and didn’t approve any potential Shannon Sharpe replacements. Marcellus Wiley also offered another perspective claiming that Skip might try the hail mary of teaming back up with Stephen A. Smith.

We can only dream about that actually happening.

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