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SMH: Shannon Sharpe’s Los Angeles Home Burglarized, Over $1M In Watches, Bags Jewelry Stolen

 Cindy Ord / Getty

Shannon Sharpe’s Los Angeles home was the target of a robbery and thieves reportedly made off with $1M worth of expensive goods.

Our favorite uncle has made himself known for his exquisite taste and his sense of fashion and all season long he’s been spotted courtside during Laker games fresh from head to toe. If you watch Undisputed you’ll also notice that he has a thing for very expensive watches and Sharpe rarely re-wears the same timepiece in a week.

According to TMZ, the wrong people have taken notice of Sharpe’s affinity for nice things and they’ve targeted his home in a robbery.

Authorities told the publication that on May 19, his home was burglarized while he was out to dinner. Reportedly there were no signs of forced entry and thieves made off with $1M worth of watches, jewelry, and designer bags. Police are investigating the robbery but as of yet no arrests have been made.


Shannon Sharpe is now taking matters into his own hands and has put up $50K of his own money as a reward for info leading to an arrest and conviction.

With no signs of forced entry, questions are looming about whether or not it was an inside job by someone the host knows.  We’ll have to wait and see what the police uncover but luckily no one was home or hurt during the robbery.

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