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South Carolina Teen Called Hero After Stopping Mom From Allegedly Drowning Sister

A South Carolina teen is being called a hero for saving her sibling from being drowned by their own mother after successfully murdering another of her young daughters.

South Carolina Teen Saves 8-Year-Old Sister After Mother Allegedly Tries To Drown Her

The teen’s mother, Jamie Bradley-Brun, 37, reportedly drowned Mackaya Bradley-Brun, 6, early Friday morning at their home in St. Helena Island, according to the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office.

Bradley-Brun then tried to drown Mackaya’s 8-year-old sister before their teenage sibling jumped in and saved her, Sheriff P.J. Tanner said during a news conference.

“She defended her family when no one else was available to,” Sheriff Tanner told NBC News. “Her courage is amazing.”

South Carolina woman drowns 6 year old daughter, then tries drowning 8 year old daughter

37-year-old Jamie Bradley Brun is charged with murdering her own daughter and trying to kill her other child

Deputies conducted a sweep of the home and located six-year-old Mackaya…

— Crime With Bobby (@crimewithbobby) May 21, 2023

South Carolina Mother Held Without Bond, Charged With Murder, Attempted Murder

The unnamed 16-year-old girl allegedly awoke to sounds of screaming in the middle of the night. Authorities say she went on to witness her mother attempting to drown the 8-year-old.

Now, she’s being credited as saving her sister’s life.

“She had the ability and courage to utilize her own strength to get her 8-year-old” sibling to safety, Tanner told NBC. “She had the composure to know that 911 needed to be called because she knew her other sister was in the home.”

Meanwhile, Bradley-Brun remains held without bond as of Tuesday, jail records show. She has since been charged with murder and attempted murder, according to PEOPLE.

Mackaya Marie Bradley-Brun Memorial

— Katebisquit (@katebisquit) May 23, 2023

GoFundMe Organized On Behalf Of Family, No Motive Offered As Of Yet

Tanner did not offer a possible motive but added: “I know what happened and it’s pretty horrific.”

According to a GoFundMe organized on behalf of the family, “KayKay” was a “cheerful and energetic girl with such a kind spirit.”

The description continues, “Her 2 sisters were her best friends, and she really loved her family and cousins. At her young age, she was a protective, courageous little girl who loved to dance, sing, and play with her family.”

$3,035 has been raised out of a $15,000 goal as of this article’s publication.

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