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Stephen A. Smith Expresses Concern After Paul Pierce Brings Alleged Escort On Showtime Livestream — ‘That’s How You Want Us To See You, Champ? Please Stop’

Stephen A. Smith – Source: Allen Berezovsky / Getty

Stephen A. Smith recently called out Paul Pierce after he revealed that his girlfriend was a woman he “hired for the day.”

NBA legend Paul Pierce had his time as an on-air personality with ESPN cut short after a drunken stripper-filled Instagram live. If you thought Pierce learned anything from that situation, however, you would be sadly mistaken.

Recently Paul Pierce joined Kevin Garnett on Showtime’s The Ticker & The Truth live stream for the NBA Finals.

At one point during the live stream, Pierce introduced his “girlfriend” to Kevin and said that she was someone he “hired for the day” shocking viewers and those around him.

“Kevin, [this is] Camille. So, this is my girlfriend for the day,” Pierce said. “They got a website where you can hire a girlfriend for the day. So I got a girlfriend for the day.”

Paul tried to go into further details but a visibly uncomfortable Garnett begged him to stop and change subjects multiple times.

Paul Pierce traps Kevin Garnett in grim men’s livestream:

— Defector (@DefectorMedia) June 8, 2023


One person who was not a fan of this behavior is Stephen A. Smith who addressed the alleged escort ordeal on his own show.

Source: Diamond Images / Getty

Smith called out Pierce’s behavior and said he knows better and even knew better when it happened at ESPN.

“There’s certain stuff that you just can’t do, not when you’re working in corporate America, damn sure. Not when you’re working for Disney [ESPN]. Don’t act like you didn’t know what the moral clause is. You looked like you had a lot of strippers in your house. You have some weed going on everywhere in, alcohol and all of this other stuff.”

“You may find it funny. I don’t. I find it kind of sad to be quite honest with you,” Smith said. ”That’s the bulls–t that irritates the living hell out of me.”

Paul Pierce showing us his ice

— Doing What I Can (@TMAJE93) June 8, 2023


Stephen A. also expressed his frustration for Kevin Garnett who he believes Pierce should never put in a compromising position knowing how hard he works.

“That’s his brother, his teammate, his friend. He ain’t going to say much on camera,” Smith commented. “I’d love to hear what he said to him off-camera because Kevin Garnett ain’t one to tolerate that kind of nonsense.”

“That’s how you want to be seen? You want the image of you being with a drink in your hand, surrounded by strippers or pulling out your phone to summon women that you paid for? With alcohol or weed always around you, slurring your speech? Please stop,” Smith said.

“You mean too much to the game of basketball. It’s embarrassing. Come on, bro. You’re better than that.”

Hopefully, Pierce can understand where everyone around him is coming from but after losing a job at Disney and still displaying this behavior, it is unlikely.

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