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Sukihana Speaks Out, Then Disables Her Social Media Accounts as YK Osiris Is Accused of Sexual Assault for Forcefully Kissing Her

Sukihana speaks out before disabling her social media accounts after the Internet began accusing rapper YK Osiris of sexual assault as an uncomfortable encounter between them goes viral. Watch the clip and sound off inside…

YK Osiris is being dragged online after a major incident with Sukihana. Things went from 0 to 100 real quick, and now the internet is buzzing with accusations of sexual assault.

For whatever reason, YK Osiris felt comfortable enough to forcefully kiss rapper/reality star Sukihana twice, leaving her in an uncomfortable position. The incident has hit Suki hard, leaving her hurt and wanting to distance herself from the drama.

Before turning her comments off on Instagram and disabling her Twitter account, Suki tweeted, “I stopped drinking yesterday but today I’ve been crying all day. I asked God to strengthen me and use me to help others and to order my steps in his word. I just want to go away for a while [peace sign hand emoji]”

In a follow-up tweet, she said, “I am hurt and I am scared to stand up for myself.”

She then disabled her Twitter account and turned the comments off on her Instagram account.

In a shocking incident at The Crew League basketball event, YK Osiris (real name Osiris Jahkail Williams), 24, surprised everyone when he forcefully kissed Sukihana (real name Destiny Henderson), 31, twice. A video of the incident went viral on social media, causing outrage and raising concerns about consent. Check it out below:

How many time u gotta be curved to get the hint. Men be treating her a kind of way cause her music but that ain’t even close to an excuse

— KodaJ (@kodaaa_j) June 13, 2023

The video captured the moment when Suki was sitting at a table, providing commentary for the indoor basketball league. YK Osiris approached her from behind and began rubbing her bare shoulders.

Things took a disturbing turn when he grabbed her face and attempted to kiss her. Sukihana’s reaction was audible as she exclaimed, “Oh my!” The video quickly circulated on social media platforms, with several Twitter users highlighting the gravity of the situation by captioning it as a sexual assault while people stood by, laughing.

This incident has sparked a conversation about boundaries, consent, and respect, with many expressing their concern and condemnation for YK Osiris’ actions.

Peep some reactions below: 

Wow this Sukihana discussion just proves all you niggas are sexual deviants. YES ALL OF YOU. Y’all be 36 and struggling with the concept of consent and time & place. Y’all are wild ass animals.

— Kei$ha (@GlamazonJay) June 14, 2023

I cant stand Sukihana weirdo ass but nigga if you dont see a problem with that clip of that dude harrassing her its something wrong with you.

— Reginald (@Sheer__Opulence) June 14, 2023

I’ve unfollowed and blocked so many ppl regarding this Sukihana situation. They’re really on Beyoncé’s internet saying her persona strips her of the right to consent sexual contact. How sick.

— Tally B. (@mtvtacallya) June 14, 2023


any argument that says sukihana brought it on herself in ANY capacity is predatory.

“Her music is sexu-“ Predatory
“She dressing like sh-“ Predatory
“The energy she gi-“ Predatory
“He was joki-“ Predatory

— koach k (@smurfresh) June 14, 2023

this whole sukihana shit definitely exposing you rapey ass niggas and you pick me ass bitches, lets hope y’all are never in a predicament like she was

— brat (@bigbratshyyy) June 14, 2023

A woman owning her sexuality, and being confident in expressing it, isn’t an invitation for sexual harassment, sexual assault, or rape. Regardless of how freaky someone is, respect and mutual consent is still the bare minimum when approaching them. Who raised y’all? #Sukihana

— Vincent R. Brown (@VincentR_Brown) June 14, 2023

The sentence Sukihana does not deserve this, is a full sentence. It does not need an “as wild as she is”, an “as nasty as suki is”, an “as sexual as she is” . Women don’t deserve unwanted physical experiences is a full sentence .

— $werve. (@_swervegawdess) June 14, 2023


Oh absolutely yes this comparison is amazing Home Depot girl and Sukihana both presented differently both endlessly being harassed it really doesn’t matter the problem is the people who can’t control their urges

— Ben (@redhotbritney) June 14, 2023


Amber Rose publicly defended Suki on social media, sending her support following the disturbing incident.

“Are we really going to sit back and let this happen to Sukihana???,” Amber asked. “She was sexually assaulted and no one did anything!!! This is the entertainment business and she is an entertainer!!! Using her lyrics and her persona as an excuse to physically touch her and force her without her consent is absolutely disgusting. What happened to ‘protect Black women???’ I cried watching that video and I’m sure a lot of women have as well @sukihanagoat [broken heart emojis]”

She continued, “I’m so sorry you had to go through that @sukihanagoat my heart breaks for you.”


Suki appeared on Kandi Burruss’ “Kandi Koated Live” podcast a few months ago and clips from the interview have resurfaced. People have been blasting co-host A1 for being “sexually aggressive” towards Suki during the interview, which you can check out above (at the 43:30-minute mark).


So y’all JUST NOW realizing that this DJ A1 is a jerk? He harassed her in front of the camera. She declined and he kept going. You can tell that #sukihana was uncomfortable. #rhoa #kandi

— teisha.leshea (@teishaleshea) June 14, 2023


In November 2019, YK Osiris was accused of choking and biting his girlfriend during his 21st birthday party in Atlanta. The rapper was arrested on a felony charge of aggravated assault by strangulation. According to police reports, the altercation started when the woman confronted Osiris about a photo on his phone, leading to him threatening and chasing her before assaulting her in a bathroom. These past accusations shed light on a troubling pattern and raise concerns about the artist’s behavior.


Photos: Instagram/Associated Press

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