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‘Summer House Martha’s Vineyard’ Exclusive: Alex Addresses The ‘F-Boy’ Allegations, Says Being The Only Single Guy On Show Was Stressful

If you love Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard like we love Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard, then you already know how excited we were to interview Alex Tyree.

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Alex Tyree Wasn’t Expecting To Be At Center Of ‘Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard’ Drama

We had a chance to chat with the house’s most eligible bachelor about the details Summer surprisingly spilled on the show’s season 2 premiere, and navigating interest from Shanice in the past as well as Noelle this season.

If you’ve been tuned in, you saw the lobster bake where Summer confronted Alex about not inviting her to his event, despite “being inside of” her not long before said event. It turns out that Alex kind of saw that coming — but not quite to the level of disclosure that ended up on our TV screens. Instead, he was hoping the second season of Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard would lead to him rubbing elbows with our forever-First Family in Oak Bluffs.

“This year I was just trying to be on the search to meet the Obamas and somehow of course I’m in the middle of the drama,” Tyree told BOSSIP. “I had a feeling something was going to come up because there was previous history but did I know it was gonna be so crazy? Nah.”

That comment was just the tip of the iceberg. Both Summer and Shanice also have either referred to Alex being in his “f***boy era” or straight up being a “f***boy” so we had to ask his thoughts on getting labeled as such.

“That part was actually really uncomfortable,” Alex said in regards to Summer’s comments. “No I never claimed that, but you know everyone has their own story and so I feel like if that is her truth that’s okay but for me it was like, ‘OK it’s out there.’ So we put it all out there, we put it all on the table and now I get an opportunity to experience and see in totality how I contribute to my own relationship goals and what the other side of it looks like for all of the public to see.”

Well isn’t that mature of him?! Alex told us that as much as some guys would have loved to share close quarters with his Summer House castmates, the pressure was quite intense, but he did give an update on where things stand between him and the women on the show.

“Being the only single guy in the house you’re gonna see the troubles,” Alex told BOSSIP. “It sounds enticing — guys out there, it sounds really, really exciting. It’s a lot more pressure than you think. In terms of Shanice, I’m really excited to for everyone to see how that relationship evolves and grows and kind of heals through some of the things that happened last year. We’re actually both Aries and so as different as we might seem, we also have a lot of similarities. Then when it comes to Summer and Noelle there’s way more, you’ll see.”

Source: Kareem Black / Bravo

With his past issues with Summer and Shanice to consider, some guys might have steered clear of making a second-season appearance but Alex told us that his foremost concern about returning to Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard had to be that it made sense for him to be there.

“Naturally I knew people were gonna wanna know about Summer and I, so you know that was definitely a concern in the back of my mind for sure,” Alex told BOSSIP. “I didn’t know how it was going to play out. It was going throughout the season, but for me it was more about, ‘Am I a good fit?’ Someone who is an artist and is creative-leaning and is bringing so many things that aren’t typically seen on reality TV? There wasn’t really a blueprint for me and that’s what actually made me have the courage to step into it, because it’s like, ‘OK it’s up to you to create that blueprint and represent as best as you can.’”

We love to see it. So far in Season 2 we’ve gotten a few glimpses into Alex’s artistry but he opened up further about his creative endeavors.

“I come from a strong gospel/ R&B / soul background and so you’re going to experience this blend of sounds,” Alex said of his current musical project. “I’m also very much a fan of cinematic sounds and I’ve partnered with my brother, a really beautiful producer and musician who loves film and so you’re going to experience a music journey around my expression of love and a hope for love because I feel like over the last ten years or so I haven’t allowed myself to see love for me. I’ve seen it for everybody else, and I’ve been afraid of it, so this is an opportunity to express that for me.”

Ever the cultural connoisseur, Alex also spoke about the importance of Martha’s Vineyard to the Black community, noting how important it’s been for Black excellence to be reflected in Bravo programming.

“For me it was huge,” Alex told BOSSIP. “If you hear from the producers, things you don’t see on screen are me and maybe one or two other people pushing for that aspect. When I made the decision to do the show, I was very aware of the history and close to some people who live there. I’ve traveled there for many, many years and their families have a long lineage there, so I wanted to be a real big respecter of that and honor that. I know the drama is gonna happen. I know we gonna have fun. I know all of that. But it is a very sacred space and I wanted to at least push for that. If you look at the last episode of last season, I didn’t even get a chance to make it to that part of the scene, but pushing for the heritage trail, that was me.”

“For me, Oak Bluffs is where the history is, in terms of Black history,” Alex said, when asked about his favorite spots in Martha’s Vineyard. “My greatest and fondest memories of being on the Vineyard is being able to bike around… It’s a large island, but you can get from Edgartown to Oak Bluffs on a bike in like 15 minutes or so, so you can experience all of this differently than if you’re in a car and so I really, really enjoy that.”

Source: Bryan Bedder / Bravo

So far this season, the guys of Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard have mostly been getting along. While Alex credited this season’s room assignments for some of the harmony, he says we shouldn’t put it past the guys to get into it at some point.

“This year being downstairs, whatever you want to call that, the the man cave — I think it created a fraternity like bond, but doesn’t mean we can’t have smoke for each other at some point,” Alex told BOSSIP. “I’m not afraid. I’m actually more encouraged to have smoke with the guys than the girls.. because I feel like, guys we fight and then we make up. We fight it out. We operate differently amongst each other for sure.”

Points were definitely made. Speaking of points though, we did have to ask if Alex has experienced any ladies shooting their shot in the DM’s after watching him on TV.

“I usually try to keep it really chill in the DM’s, but I have gotten some crazy DM’s for sure, some wild DM’s, but for the most part, I would say most people are really kind,” Alex told BOSSIP. “Especially from the first season. I’m someone who doesn’t represent the stereotypical type of guy that would be on a reality TV show. I feel like a lot of the people that follow me and come up to me, they really appreciate the fact that I showed up the way that I showed up, someone who doesn’t drink, someone who’s a meditator and is into wellness and the way that I am. Honestly it’s been really beautiful when people do reach out to me.”

We love to see it. Do you agree that Alex is a breath of fresh air from the stereotypical male reality star?

Tune in to Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard Sundays on Bravo at 10pm EST with new episodes on Peacock every Monday.

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