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Summer Walker Opens Up About Dating Lil ‘Big’ Meech, Co-Parenting With London & Reveals Daughter Bubbles’ Real Name On ‘Caresha Please’

Summer Walker appeared on Yung Miami’s “Caresha Please” podcast, and the ladies got into some things. The singer spilled the tea on her love life, co-parenting adventures with London on da Track, her daughter’s real name, and so much more. Brace yourselves for all the jaw-dropping details inside…

Summer Walker is about to set the stage on fire with her highly anticipated one-night-only performance in Atlanta. Fresh off the release of her latest EP, “Clear 2: Soft Life,” the sensational singer is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to promoting her new music. And where better to spill the tea than on Yung Miami’s sizzling podcast, “Caresha Please”? 

It’s a caresha please summer @YungMiami305


Fans have been dying to know the inside scoop, and Summer Walker is delivering. During her chat with Yung Miami (aka Caresha), the “Girls Need Love” singer confirmed the rumors that have been swirling around—she’s officially dating rapper and “BMF” star, Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory Jr.

#LilMeech and #SummerWalker continue to fuel dating rumors.

— YBF CHIC (@TheYBF) May 1, 2023

Apparently, the chemistry between them is off the charts, and Summer couldn’t help but tease Yung Miami about it, saying, “It’s giving big Meech. He’s a good man, Savannah,” she joked.

Remember those videos that surfaced a few weeks ago featuring Lil Meech and a mystery woman in a pink ski mask? Well, surprise, surprise—that woman turned out to be the Over It singer herself.

Summer confessed, “I wanted at least like six months before people started to investigate. It’s fresh, you never know what can happen but so far it’s great.”

While talking about her new love, Summer confirmed she would like more children in the future.

During the interview, Summer and Caresha also dished about the rollercoaster ride that was her relationship with London On Da Track, the father of her first child. Things were wild in the beginning, but Summer shared that they’ve been finding common ground lately. And guess what? Since their breakup, the music producer has been spotted cozying up with Jamaican artist Shenseea.

“He is so much better now. I think honestly what it was… he was just hurt. In the beginning, he was taking me through the f*cking ringer in the beginning. Honestly, Shenseea. Shoutout to you, b*tch. After she got into the picture, he started acting right. I was like, ‘Thank God, n*gga done moved on.’ It was wild in the beginning,” Summer explained.

Watch the clip below:

I love how Caresha was asking some good questions in her interview with Summer Walker. Like, she really went there. Summer is so funny btw. Lmao.

— Bella Goth (@WickedNFine) May 26, 2023

The Still Over It singer has never been one to stay silent when it comes to calling out the men who have done her wrong, whether it’s through her powerful social media posts or her soul-baring music. But she doesn’t stop there—she’s also holding the women who raised those men accountable.

“I have no regrets,” Summer confirmed of her decision to release the relentless song, ”4th Baby Mama.”

“There’s nothing worse to me than, like, men who have enabling mothers. Like, narcissists that have enabling mothers. Like, you could call a n*gga mama and be like, ‘He just did this, he just did that.’ And they’ll be like,” the mother of three explained as Caresha cut her off to add, “‘What you do that make him do that?’”


Mommy duty with #SummerWalker. She snapped it up with Bubbles and the twins.

— YBF CHIC (@TheYBF) April 7, 2023

During the interview, the “Playing Games” singer didn’t shy away from addressing the backlash she faced in 2021. One particular incident involved her posting a photo of an infant bottle alongside hemp seeds, honey, and mushrooms next to a blender, which sparked significant commentary and criticism. Additionally, there were discussions and scrutiny surrounding her daughter Bubbles‘ weight, triggered by another photo of Summer holding the infant.

She opened up about a challenging experience she faced with her breast milk supply, revealing that doctors had prescribed her medication for a cough, which unfortunately had the unintended side effect of limiting her milk production. This situation left her feeling devastated, as she couldn’t provide enough nourishment for her child, resulting in distressing moments of her baby crying and being unable to be fed.

Determined to find an alternative solution, Summer tried various types of milk for her daughter, Bubbles. First, she attempted cow-milk-based formula, but it triggered an allergic reaction, causing Bubbles to develop hives. Summer speculated that her vegan diet during pregnancy might have played a role in this response. Undeterred, she then turned to a soy-based formula, but this, too, presented challenges, leading to severe constipation for her little one.

Despite the challenges she faced, Summer discovered a potential solution through the guidance of a woman whom she affectionately referred to as a “healing a** b***h.” The woman suggested that she try drinking aloe juice, which miraculously helped alleviate her cough and ultimately improved her condition.

Both Summer and Caresha opened up about dealing with post-partum depression and adjusting to motherhood.

“I feel like people have postpartum when they don’t have the support that they need,” Walker explained. “It could be a hormonal imbalance, but just for me, it was just not having the support that I needed… I was really depressed, and it wasn’t about the child. I loved her. I just needed help.”

Caresha shared that it can be difficult to be a mother and a responsible adult as well as find time for yourself.

“You still gotta make time for yourself,” Caresha said. “Make sure that you if you want to stay cute, if you want to take a bath, go to the spa, take a trip, whatever it is. And as long as you carve that time out, I feel like you won’t feel like you miss anything.”

“I have no shame. As soon as my kids go to sleep. I hit the streets,” she laughed.

In addition, Summer confirmed her daughter’s real name is Bubbles Renee Walker. The mom of three said she decided to keep her daughter and twin boys’ faces covered due to her religion and negative social media comments.

Watch the full interview below:

As for how Summer is preparing for her one-night only performance….

She’s receiving the Teyana Taylor treatment for the creative direction for her show next week. The event is scheduled to take place in her hometown of Atlanta at Cobb Energy Centre on June 1st.

Get your tix.

Photo: Summer’s IG

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