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T Pain ‘Nappy Boy’ Blesses Atlanta With ‘Escape From Wiscansin’: The Invasion’ Tour, Takes Crowd On Intergalactic Journey Through His Hit-Making Catalog


Source: The Washington Post / Getty

A six-time Grammy winner expertly invaded Atlanta with a sold-out show that closed out a mult-city celebration of his undeniable hits.

On Friday, the Coca-Cola Roxy was the site for T Pain’s “Escape From Wiscansin: The Invasion” tour where a sold-out crowd clamored to see the multifaceted artist hit the stage.

Ahead of Pain’s electric set, he introduced the crowd to artists from his Nappy Boy Entertainment record label. The talented Tallahassee trailblazer helms the label that features artists like fellow Floridian, Young Cash.

Cash made his time onstage at the Roxy a family affair, at one point shouting out his twin tots as they bopped along to his tracks “Match My Vibe” and “Florida Heat.” Attendees danced on their feet as Cash took them on a sonic trip down to Duval.

He was followed by Nando STL, the newest member of Nappy Boy ENT who brought his Saint Louis flair to the stage. “Everybody say, hi cousin!” Nando encouraged the crowd before bringing big energy via performances of tracks like “On Errthang” and “Loud.”

The Nappy Boy ENT artists were followed by Tobi Lou, a Nigerian lyricist from Chicago whose effortless wordplay kept the crowd hooked while he shirtlessly rapped “Lingo Starr: Return of the Drago” proving that he’s indeed been “working on his body.”

Source: Jamie McCarthy / Getty

The “Buff Baby” entranced attendees while confidently running through his tracks.


All three opening acts for “Escape From Wiscansin” engaged the crowd with fierce bars and stage presence as the amped-up ATLiens anticipated the main event; T Pain himself.


Hit the flip for details on what went down when he hit the stage.

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