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Take It All: Chicago Mother And Son Who Were Arrested For Murder Of Maxwell Street Express Attacker Files Lawsuit Against City

Source: alfexe / Getty


Yesterday, BOSSIP reported on the shooting death of a man who had attacked a woman inside a Chicago area hot dog restaurant. Jeremy Brown was fatally shot by Carlishia Hood‘s 14-year-old son after Brown punched her in the face several times. Initially, Brown and her son were arrested and charged with first-degree murder but those charges were dropped less than 24 hours later after the surveillance video was reviewed.

Today, according to WGNTV, Hood spoke at a press conference for the first time since she and her son were arrested where she announced that she has filed a lawsuit against the City of Chicago.

“On June 18 of this year my life changed, my son’s life changed, I’ve experiences pain in many ways that I would have never have thought…”

Carlishia Hood is a legal concealed carrier with a Illinois-mandated FOID card (Firearm Owner Identification) and had every right to defend herself against a much bigger man who was violently assaulting her. Luckily, her son was there to defend her before things got worse than they already were. We’d be lying to say that we aren’t surprised that a gun-restrictive state like Illinois actually understood that people have the right to protect themselves from the evil people that the state and local governments cannot.

We hope she gets every red cent that she’s demanding.

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