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Tasha K Files For Bankruptcy With $95 In Her Account As Cardi B Collects On $4 Million Defamation Lawsuit

Tasha K still owes Cardi B from the $4 million lawsuit and filed for bankruptcy with only $95 in her bank account.

Source: ANGELA WEISS / Getty

Despite accusations that Tasha is a deadbeat defendant in Cardi’s ‘defamation case, she’s still not off the hook. The Neighborhood Talk originally reported that Tasha K, whose real name is Latasha Kebe, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on May 25. Unlike other forms of debt relief, Chapter 11 won’t wipe her slate clean with the “Clout” rapper.

Under Chapter 11, a debtor can keep their assets so their business can stay afloat while sticking to a court-approved payment plan for the debt. Cardi’s legal team would have to agree to the compromise for repayment.

Tasha K’s Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filing Reveals She Only Has $95 In Her Bank Account.

A requirement to file for Chapter 11 is listing every penny of income, assets, and outstanding liabilities. According to Radar Online, the vlogger has $50K – $100K in assets, including her car, furniture, jewelry, and clothes.

The debts include $14K to banks and American Express, $53K on her car, a remaining $3.38 million to Cardi, and Tasha’s legal tab is still running up. She also owes an unknown amount in back taxes. When Tasha K finally surrendered after losing an appeal in April, she said Cardi gets “first dibs after this IRS bill gets paid.”

Look! Sis & Law I Know you need that cause work is slow for all of us right now, but right now, I ain’t got it! 🙈 But let your lawyers know that when I’m up, you gone be up & stuck…🥂 You get first dibs after this irs bill gets paid… 🥂

— UNWINEWITHTASHAK (@unwinewithtasha) April 21, 2023

Tasha and her husband make $30K per month with $22K in expenses. She reportedly earned $134k in 2022 and $156k in 2021. Even after the thousands of dollars already collected, that’s still just a drop in the bucket for repaying Cardi.

Tasha K got 95$ in her bank account currently . Running ya mouth caused you to go broke doing that lady’s bidding.

— misdemeanor (@I_DropKickHoes) May 26, 2023

At the time of the filing, Tasha only had $95 in her Chase checking account. Although a millionaire pocket-checking a vlogger would usually seem like overkill, Tasha was the cruel and petty one who brought this on herself.

Tasha K Refused To Apologize For Defaming Cardi B, And It Cost Her $4 Million.

Tasha K could have avoided the years of legal drama and massive debt. All she had to do was apologize and retract the lies. As a fellow mom, Cardi initially took pity on her online nemesis. Instead, the influencer doubled and tripled down on the beef until she lost in court.

Tasha K lost the defamation suit for falsely claiming that Cardi used to be an escort, had an STD, and used hard drugs. The “Bodak Yellow” star testified that the baseless accusations caused extreme emotional distress and strained her marriage to Offset.

You can’t even feel bad for tasha k cause she asked for all this shit🤣

— DANGER⚠️ (@dasiadoubleyouu) May 26, 2023

Cardi didn’t pull up to bankruptcy court yet, but she’s not playing about collecting her coins. Tasha confessed that she “ain’t got it,” but that didn’t stop the collections. The rapper’s legal team filed motions to garnish wages from Tasha’s YouTube page and seize Tasha’s property.

This entire look fits within my #iaintgotit budget..😎#fakeuntilyoumakeitagain

Outfit: @myposheverything 💋🥂

— UNWINEWITHTASHAK (@unwinewithtasha) May 26, 2023

It became a running joke that Tasha K went on the run to avoid payment. Last year, she popped up on Instagram with a “fresh start” in Morocco. She taunted the Grammy winner with an offer for local currencies.

“Since your fav keeps BEGGING for these little coins, ask her how she wants the 4 million? In Guinea Francs or Ugandan Shillings?” Tasha wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post.

Now it seems like nothing is funny but Tasha K’s money, and Cardi is laughing all the way to the bank. Sis should’ve listened when Cardi’s iconic LHH quote: “If a girl has beef with me, she’s going to have beef with me FOREVER!”

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