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The ASHY AUDACITY: Funky Dineva Gets DRAGGED To The Mustiest Corner Of Hell Over ‘Nasty’ Comments About Chlöe Bailey


Source: Prince Williams/FilmMagic

Funky Dineva is getting DRAGGED to Hell and back over unnecessarily mean comments about Chlöe Bailey during a controversial segment on FOX Soul’s Tea-G-I-F gossip show.

Funky Dineva: Chloe Bailey is ugly.

The rest of us:

— AquaMayne for Gold 🥇🇩🇴 (@spicy2siracha) August 25, 2023

The notoriously messy commentator ripped into Bailey with a barrage of insults in response to a video of her defending her sister Halle against pregnancy rumors spreading online.

“I can officially say I don’t like her,” snapped Dineva during a strangely mean-spirited rant. “Chlöe Bailey is so goddamn lame to me. First of all, girl, you are Miss Preppy Ashley from the suburbs. Then you came out being all promiscuous and sh*t, and now you’re trying to be a gangster. None of it is f*****g believable.”

“And I’m probably gonna catch a lot of backlash for this, and without that makeup, she ain’t cute. She never should’ve shown up on that camera with that fat a** face without no makeup. You’re inauthentic, that’s why your sh** aint selling.”

Why is funky dineva coming for Chloe

— Mi deh yah, yuh know (@yah_deh1) August 24, 2023

For reasons unknown, he went on to declare that Chlöe didn’t “shut down sh*t” with her viral IG Live video while suggesting that Halle should “stay her a** home” or show a video of her current stomach to shut down pregnancy rumors.

Why he’s so bothered by Chlöe defending her sister, we don’t know, but the sisters seemingly responded to the rant with a single tweet.

“Lol, people be so mad at your happiness. Get help,” tweeted Chlöe, with Halle swooping in with, “They need help immediately!!!!” in a quote tweet.

they need help immediately!!!!

— Halle (@HalleBailey) August 24, 2023

Do you think Funky Dineva should be canceled for his comments?

He’s since apologized for making comments about Chloe’s physical appearance but he’s doubled down on alleging that she’s being “inauthentic” when it comes to her music career.



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