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The Cast of ‘I’m A Virgo’ Talk Zodiac Signs And Super Powers

We all know how much of a controversial topic talking zodiac signs can be and we must say Virgos tend to get a lot of slander.

Director Boots Riley blessed us with a new series that may help Virgos get into a better light. ‘I’m A Virgo’, starring ‘When They See Us’ star Jharrel Jerome, is a comedic coming of age story about a 13 foot tall 19-year-old boy growing up in Oakland, CA. Finally able to escape the confinement of his home and parents, played by Mike Epps and Carmen Ejogo, Cootie accidentally meets and befriends a group of teenage political activists and also finds love.

We caught up with the cast and dug into their favorite and worse zodiac signs.

“All fire signs pretty much but I say that because my siblings are all fire signs,” Denzel Washington’s daughter Olivia Washington says in favor of fellow Aries, Leo, Sagittarius signs. But when it came time to discussing her most hated signs she chose to keep it politically correct. “I don’t know that feels like a trap. I’m going to say everybody can be great and everybody can not be great.” Ejogo on the other hand definitely does not mess with Leos… sorry guys.

‘On My Block’ star Brett Gray says he loves likes Libras and loves Cancers and Geminis but for Pisces and Aquarius not so much. “I wouldn’t like never date because you know its all a spectrum and balance but Pisces and I and Aquarius and I, we have a thing. I don’t know what it is but it’s palpable.”

Now the cast’s superpower choices are definitely interesting but very real. Actress Kara Young says she wants the ability to be a seer. “I want to meet my ancestors like I want them to share their wisdoms with me.”

While Washington isn’t too sure that mind reading is a good thing. “You know my first instinct was to say I wish I could read minds but then I want to quickly take it back because I don’t know if I want to hear all of that. I do have the ability to leave so I don’t need that one.”

Gray also doesn’t want the ability to mind read but we get the sense that he just wants people to keep it real with him.

“A part of me is like I want to tell if you lying but no I don’t because y’all be lying out here,” he laughed. I feel like I would want something like sense people’s intentions because when I pull up with my Corvette, I don’t want you like I like you because you have a Corvette.

‘I’m A Virgo’ is streaming on Prime Video now.

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