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The Life Of Gambling King Drake (And 4 Other Celebs Who Love Risky Betting Thrills)

Celebrities – we love to watch them on-screen, envy their lifestyles, and imitate their sense of fashion. And they’re just like us – attending their own family reunion, having a personal life, and having a few thrills.  There’s one thrill, though, Drake and four other celebs are killing it in.

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Drake went viral for hitting up his family reunion in Memphis over the weekend.  He and his cousins rocked shirts with their “family nickname” on it, and Drake’s was no surprise. 





Even though we sometimes get to see some of these rare moments, very few of us know about celebs’ personal life and what activities they enjoy pursuing outside of their work. But as we all know, there’s something about the thrill of a casino, whether it’s at a physical location or playing online. If that weren’t enough for one to go in with their eyes wide open, how about when the celebrities come out to play?

There are a few stars out there who take gambling almost as seriously as their window-dressing profession. And even if we may not know all their secrets, it doesn’t stop us from having our guesses and speculation. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at five of the most renowned personalities that love to hit the Vegas table.


Drake is most probably the most famous musician on planet Earth today. However, this celebrity appears to be successful in various areas outside of music. The famous Canadian sensation usually displays his interest in the game in his music videos and on social media.

From his Instagram stories and music videos, it’s clear that he loves hitting up casinos and playing games like blackjack, roulette, and poker. He’s been caught gambling at The Hard Rock Casino in Miami, and even mentioned his $200,000 gambling win in “Gyalchester,” a song from his album More Life.

It’s a known fact that Drizzy likes gambling, whether it’s high-stakes card games or sports betting. Interestingly enough, some athletes may think twice before accepting his support considering the infamous “Drake curse,” which has been known to affect Canada’s most popular NFL teams that he backs, not only with his words but also with his famously large wallet. And although he’s known for supporting the Cleveland Browns, Drake sometimes backs the Seattle Seahawks as well.

Dana White

The UFC’s president, Dana White, is not averse to taking chances both inside and beyond the octagon. With a net worth in the hundreds of millions, many would assume that he would be content with simply soaking in his success. However, the thrill-seeker in him doesn’t allow him to rest on his laurels.

He has a well-known love of gambling in addition to sponsoring some of the greatest fights in combat sports history. Dana has been known to risk millions of dollars at poker and blackjack tables and doesn’t back down from a challenge. One can’t help but question, though, if it’s actually a gamble at all, or if it’s just another field in which he excels, given his track record of success in both business and the casino.

Conor McGregor

Las Vegas has become Conor McGregor’s second home. It’s understandable that the legendary UFC fighter enjoys the limelight given his frequent spectacular battles in the city. He also loves the renowned Vegas nightlife, so it’s not just the Octagon that he appreciates. One of his favorite pleasures is to gamble hundreds of thousands of dollars at the famed casinos on the Las Vegas Strip But unlike other famous people who gamble while maintaining a private life, McGregor does not. He enjoys talking about his experiences with the public and the press.

Ben Affleck

Hollywood A-lister Ben Affleck is a celebrated actor and director, but his love of gambling has frequently attracted notice. The celebrity has openly expressed his enthusiasm for card games like poker and blackjack, which are popular at upscale Las Vegas casinos. Affleck’s gaming practices have also generated some debate, with media reports of addiction circulating.

The Batman actor, though, still takes pleasure in his hobby and has even integrated it into several of his films, like Runner Runner. Despite the criticism, it’s undeniable that gambling appeals to this multifaceted artist in a specific way.

Pamela Anderson

The iconic Baywatch star Pamela Anderson has long been known for her love of fast living and high-stakes thrills. But while many celebrities indulge in excessive spending and partying, Pamela has chosen a more thrilling pursuit – gambling. The buxom blonde has been spotted at some of the most exclusive casinos in the world, from Las Vegas to Monte Carlo, testing her luck and winning big.

Pamela is a serious player known for her tactical approach and astute intuition at the poker table. She is also not simply a casual gambler. She cautions others to play responsibly and not let their passion for the game cloud their judgment, but she is also acutely aware of the dark side of this pastime, given all the thrills and risks that come with gambling. Pamela Anderson continues to be a real icon of glamour, peril, and high-stakes entertainment, whether she is wagering on the outcome of a card or just taking in the excitement of the moment.

Discover the diverse worlds of gambling beyond the standard casinos and online gaming, with these well-known public figures. Celebrities, like the rest of us, indulge in social pastimes such as gambling, revealing a side to them that’s more than just glitz and glam. A little poker, blackjack, or roulette action, and you might see stars beyond the ones in the sky on your next Vegas outing.


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