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There You Have It: Michael Jordan Reveals He Doesn’t Approve Of Son’s Relationship With Larsa Pippen

Marcus Jordan & Larsa Pippen Source: TWIST/Bauer-Griffin / Getty

The usually paparazzi-shy basketball legend Michael Jordan reveals he doesn’t approve of his son dating Larsa Pippen.

Regardless of what anyone thinks Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen are going steady and seem to be happy. They are now Instagram official and even have their own podcast Separation Anxiety. With their own platform, they can give insight into their relationship and clear up any mess that might arise. After all, if you don’t tell your story everyone else will. Recently the couple opened up about their relationship and the podcast to ET.

“I feel like a lot was being said about us all the time [and] I feel like there’s so much said about me that I’ve always been like, ‘That’s so not true, that’s not true,’” Larsa explained to ET’s Brice Sander. “So I figured, ‘Hey, let’s do a podcast so we can basically give our opinions [and] state facts ’cause a lot of stuff that they say is inaccurate.’”

“You know, people think Larsa used to babysit me and stuff like that,” Marcus added, sharing that the podcast gives the couple an opportunity to “put things in our own voice.”

It’s a good thing the couple has the podcast because Marcus’ father the great Michael Jordan has finally revealed his opinion on their relationship. According to TMZ, Michael was leaving dinner when a photographer asked if he approved of his son and Larsa dating. Usually, MJ ignores the paparazzi which he did initially before turning and giving a simple “No”. In shock, MJ actually responded to him the photog double-checked and asked again to which MJ shook his head no. This is a very different sentiment than the one Larsa expressed on The Tamron Hall Show. On the show, Larsa claimed the couple spent holidays with his parents and were “in a good place”. It’s been decades since MJ and Scottie Pippen saw eye to eye and none of us would have expected this to be the reason. Everyone will be waiting for their next podcast episode to hear their thoughts on MJ’s viral clip.

Michael Jordan doesn’t approve of his son dating Larsa Pippen

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