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Tim Anderson Explains Why He Hasn’t Addressed Infidelity With Dejah Lanee Online, Says He Will ‘Always Be There’ For Their Son

Tim Anderson recently got candid about his public marriage shortcomings, including cheating on his wife, Bria Anderson, and fathering a child with Dejah Lanee.

While speaking on The Pivot podcast, the Major League Baseball (MLB) player revealed how he and his wife have handled his indiscretions.

“We went to therapy. Just really digging into what was it, what caused me to go into these spaces, or even that space to even create that. It’s a tough conversation, it’s a tough situation. I feel like we did a lot of work as far as understanding it and showing my love to my wife and to my kids. But it’s something I’m still going through it, trying to master it to get to the point where I’m okay with walking in it and stepping in it 1000 percent for sure.”

Earlier this year, Tim confirmed he welcomed a son named Sevene with Dejah by sharing photos of him on Instagram. But Dejah herself had outed the new baby news in June 2022 when she captioned a video of Anderson in a car, “Baby Father.”

A few days prior to Bria’s birthday in May, Dejah Lanee sounded off online. She exposed photos and videos of what appeared to be a relationship between her and Tim Anderson.

This happened after Bria shared a selfie video of Tim planting a kiss on her cheek, while Dejah left emoji love on multiple year-old posts on Tim’s Instagram.

Soon after, someone leaked posts from Dejah’s ‘Close Friends’ list on IG, including two photos of her and Tim boo’ed up. She also accused “that lady,” meaning Bria, of “posting old photos to get [her] dragged.”

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The online subliminal exchanges escalated after gossip blog @igmodeltearoom shared a direct message with Bria Anderson. In it, she allegedly calls Dejah a “liar” and “known side chick.” Dejah Lanee went OFF after the screenshot made its rounds. She exposed photos and videos of Tim with her, their son, and even in the company of Dejah’s son from a previous relationship.

Throughout her posts, she claimed Tim Anderson told her his marriage to Bria was “for a image” and that he hasn’t been with Bria. She also said their alleged relationship didn’t give “sneaky” or “side chick” vibes. She followed up with footage of her and Tim on a plane, in cars, at a restaurant, inside homes, and in bathroom selfies.

Tim Anderson Explains Why He Hasn’t Really Addressed Dejah Lanee’s Online Call Outs

During The Pivot‘s episode, the father-of-three also touched base on why he hasn’t fully addressed his marriage situation online.

After he shared his son’s photos in February, he also wrote, “Everybody ain’t gotta know everything, nobody ain’t gotta know sh*t really.” He echoed these sentiments during his recent interview.

“I never really wanted to, you know, play the internet game, and I never did. I always wanted to stay in the real-life phase of what I created and just tried to handle it the best way I can. Kinda more so keeping people out of the business because nobody really never understood what I was going through when I was making those decisions or where my heart was or what was on my mind or how hurt I was, or how lonely I felt. But ultimately, the goal was never to kinda play with anybody feelings. It was more so, I was just trying to find who I am, continue to keep going, identify myself.”


After Dejah Lanee went in with “receipts” in May, Bria released a statement while Tim remained silent online.

“Moment of authenticity–I know we’re all on social media, but there’s a distinction between the internet and real life. In REAL life, I am a mother and a WIFE that cares about my FAMILY above anything else. My truth is that my husband and I are working on our marriage, and I’m not interested in the internet games. I ask for everyone to respect my family’s privacy. Xo, Mrs. Anderson”

However, days after the viral exchange, he gave Bria a birthday shoutout on Instagram, calling their marriage “real life love.”

Anderson Says He Will “Always Be There” For His Son With Dejah Lanee

As for being an active father in Seven’s life, Tim Anderson says that’s the plan. He told The Pivot hosts that he’s going to be there, despite public perceptions or opinions.

“This is my son. You know I never once denied it. I’m always gon step up to the plate with what’s mine. That goes back to when I was kid, my dad, I know what it feels like not having your dad around. So,1000 percent. I was there, been there, gon always be there, and gon always do what’s right for my kids cause that’s mine, regardless of what anybody says or however he came.”

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