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Tim Anderson’s Wife & Mistress Seemingly Trade Shade, Other Woman Wonders Why Anderson Won’t Defend Her—‘He Swear He Love Me’

Now, THIS is messy…

A major league baseball player’s personal life is making headlines once again, this time after his wife and the mother of his youngest child traded subliminal shade on social media.

Chicago White Sox player Tim Anderson is trending after his wife Bria Anderson responded to the latest posts of Anderson’s baby mama Dejah Lanee.

Source: Rob Tringali / Getty

As previously reported Anderson is married to Bria with whom he has two children, and recently confirmed the paternity of a son he welcomed with Dejah.

On Friday, The NeighborhoodTalk noted that Dejah and Bria both were showing love to Anderson on social media.

Dejah first commented on one of his posts and Bria followed up with an InstaStory to her husband.

From there, an upset Dejah alleged that the wife was trying to “set her up” to get dragged. The influencer also alleged that the woman’s pics were old and wondered why her baseball-playing boo who “loves her” wasn’t defending her from criticism.

“Yall see the blogs? That lady posting old pics to get me dragged…” wrote Bria.”I am so tired of this narrative bro. Should I post this? I am so tired of people dragging me for loving who love me? & He swear he love me but ain’t never defended me or spoke the truth. Weird [peach emoji], I’m tired of mfs fr”


Following that, Bria Anderson reportedly responded to the @IGModelTeaRoom gossip page in their DMs.

“Tell them people she is a LIAR!” Bria’s offiial Instagram account wrote.”I’m not playing into the delusion. I am not worried about nayone but myself and my FAMILY. I’m not having an internet showdown with a KNOWN SIDE CHICK. I have spared her for long enough. This is WEIRD.”

Source: Rob Tringali / Getty


Things only escalated from there.

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