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Tina Turner’s Funeral: Conflicting Reports of Private Farewell or an Unmatched Tribute to Outshine Aretha Franklin

The passing of music legend Tina Turner has sparked intense speculation and conflicting reports surrounding her funeral, as rumors swirl about whether it will be a private affair or a grand tribute aimed at outshining the legendary Aretha Franklin. Details inside…


Last week, the world was shocked with news that musical icon Tina Turner passed away from natural causes at her home in Switzerland. She was 83.

In a conflicting turn of events regarding Tina Turner’s funeral, while one article claims that the iconic rockstar had planned a grand farewell to outshine Aretha Franklin, a spokesperson for Tina Turner confirmed to The Sun that the ceremony will be a private affair attended by close friends and family.

According to an insider source cited on Radar Online, Tina Turner, dealing with health complications following a kidney transplant, expressed her desire for her funeral to surpass the magnitude of Aretha Franklin’s.

The rivalry between the two legendary singers reportedly stemmed from their heated competition throughout their careers. Allegations of an affair between Aretha and Tina’s abusive ex-husband, Ike Turner, added fuel to their feud. Tina saw her final performance as an opportunity to assert herself and overshadow her rival.

The source claimed that the “Proud Mary” singer (whose real name is Anna Mae Bullock) had been meticulously planning her funeral, choosing a designer wardrobe for her final repose, a custom hearse, and arranging for top performers to grace the occasion. The aim was to create an awe-inspiring gravesite that would eclipse Aretha’s. It was envisioned as Tina’s ultimate show.

However, The Sun provides contrasting information, stating that Tina’s funeral will be a private ceremony attended only by close friends and family. Despite her massive fan base and adoration in Switzerland, her adopted country, the farewell will remain a small affair.

Tina’s health struggles over the years, including a stroke, post-traumatic stress disorder resulting from her abusive marriage to Ike, and ongoing kidney issues, have been well-documented. Her husband, Erwin Bach, had donated one of his kidneys to save her life in 2017. The spokesperson confirmed that Tina had been battling a long illness, but specific details were not disclosed.

Tina Turner achieved remarkable success during the 1980s, claiming six out of her eight Grammy Awards. It was a decade marked by her astonishing chart presence, with a dozen songs gracing the Top 40, including hits like “Typical Male,” “The Best,” “Private Dancer,” and “Better Be Good to Me.” Notably, her electrifying performance in Rio de Janeiro in 1988 captivated an astounding crowd of 180,000 attendees, solidifying her position as one of the most influential and beloved performers of all time.

After retiring from music in 2018, Tina Turner faced a family tragedy, when her oldest son, Craig, took his life at age 59 in Los Angeles. Sadly, her younger son, Ronnie, died in December 2022. She is survived by Bach and two sons of Ike’s that she adopted.

As fans gather outside Tina’s waterfront estate in Switzerland, leaving tributes of candles, flowers, and messages, they will not be able to attend the private funeral. Tina Turner, who relinquished her US citizenship a decade ago and became a Swiss citizen, had made Switzerland her home since 2013 after her marriage to Erwin Bach.


Beyoncé paying tribute to the late Tina Turner with a stunning cover of “River Deep, Mountain High” in #London #RWT2023

— BEYONCÉ LEGION (@BeyLegion) May 30, 2023

During a stop on her Renaissance Tour in London, Beyoncé captivated the audience with a powerful tribute to Tina Turner. She belted out a rendition of Tina’s 1966 hit, “River Deep, Mountain High.” Watch above.


May she continue to rest in peace.

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