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To File Or Not To File? Keyshia Cole Explains Initial Hesitance To Officially Divorce Daniel Gibson

Ms. Keyshia Cole is taking a moment to reflect on her failed marriage to former NBA star Daniel Gibson.

Despite ruthlessly blasting him for supposedly cheating back in the day, she says she hesitated to officially call it quits because of their child — though she eventually realized, “You just gotta choose you.”

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Keyshia Cole Discusses Standing By Daniel Gibson “Through All The Cheating”

The “Love” songstress dished on the subject during a sit-down with PEOPLE.

While chatting about her and Gibson’s 2014 split, 2017 filing, and eventual 2020 divorce finalization, Cole explained that their son — Daniel “DJ” Gibson Jr. — is why she stuck around for as long as she did.

“That was a lot of the reason why I didn’t get a divorce through all the cheating. Because it was like, I just want to do it for my kid, you know what I’m saying?”

Ultimately, Keyshia Cole was fueled by thinking, “‘Can [my son] have two parents in the same home?’” 

Regarding this desire, Keyshia noted that she always dreamed of her parents being together while growing up. However, while she tried to make it work for their child, she eventually realized that she had to choose her own happiness.

“At some point you just gotta choose you and choose to be healthy.”

Keyshia & Her Co-Parenting Partners Are “Just Making Lemonade” As She Looks For Love

As the artist continued, she acknowledged how she and Daniel Gibson — as well as Niko Khale, with whom she shares a three-year-old son — are “just making lemonade” out of their situations by doing the best they can, which is “really what it’s all about.”

“Regardless if my kids don’t have both parents I’m trying to create that safe space of co-parenting. That’s really what it’s all about.”

Keyshia added that while her co-parenting relationships have “ups and downs,” they always make sure to put the kids first and “work it out.”

“The kids are first in line. Sometimes we don’t agree on things and when my kids hurt, I hurt. So they just know Mama Bear is going to come, so don’t play. We work it out though.”

However, Keyshia’s love story isn’t over just yet! Regarding her romantic future, Keyshia Cole notes that — while it’s “rough out here” — she’s still “not giving up hope.” In fact, she thinks she just might have a boo waiting for her overseas!

“A couple of people have told me my husband is in Dubai and I need to go overseas. I said, ‘Well bring him on!’ I just gotta get over there.”

I wanna be married and never let go.

— Keyshia Cole (@KeyshiaCole) June 27, 2023

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