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Travis Scott Allegedly Ignored Warnings To Stop Astroworld Festival Early, His Attorney Claims Cops Released The Report To Sabotage ‘Utopia’

Travis Scott received warnings to stop his 2021 Astroworld Festival early but continued because didn’t know it was an emergency, according to a report. Travis’ attorney says cops waited to release findings from the 18-month investigation to sabotage his Utopia album.

Source: Alexander Tamargo / Getty

Jesus, take the wheel! The canceled Live At The Pyramids concert isn’t the only Utopia setback. Houston PD finally released their investigative report into his Astroworld Festival that left 10 dead. The 1,266-page report includes an interview with the “Meltdown” rapper days after the tragedy. TMZ reports Travis told cops he didn’t stop the show during Drake’s set because he wasn’t told how dangerous the situation was.

ion think he understands how much dat Astroworld tragedy is gonna hold him back lmao like no way u thought u was finna perform on da pyramids after da most deadly concert on US soil

— 🎲BJ LAFLARE🎲 (@LAFLAREORDIE) July 26, 2023

According to the report, Travis told police he did monitor the crowd as best he could. He said he saw flashing lights in the distance and checked the crowd by asking fans to put their middle fingers up if they were alright. When he saw a wave of fans respond, he assumed everything was fine to keep going.

NEW: The Houston Police Department released its complete investigation of the Travis Scott Astroworld concert, where 10 fans died and hundreds of others were injured in November 2021. 🧵👇

— Houston Landing (@Hou_Landing) July 28, 2023

From an elevated platform, Travis said he noticed someone getting medical attention. He also asked fans to back up so medics could reach someone who appeared to be in distress. After that, the Houston native said there wasn’t “high commotion” in the audience. He got in the zone and went into a “trance” while performing.

Houston PD’s report claims security tried to convince Travis’ team to stop the show, but they said Drake needed to finish his set. Someone warned Travis in his earpiece, but they didn’t tell him it was life or death.

“Yo, this is gonna have to be like the last song,” the report says Travis relayed to police.

“Yo Trav, you got to wrap it up, it’s getting kinda hectic out there,” they continued.

When Travis stepped offstage, he heard reports of multiple people needing CPR. He reportedly didn’t learn about the dozens of injuries and multiple fatalities until he got home at 2 or 3 a.m. The report claims he was worried about the victims as he talked to police about the incident.

See Travis Scott’s attorney response disputing the Astroworld report as an attempt to hurt Utopia sales after the flip.

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