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Tyla Speaks Out After Her Team Shut Down Question About Her Identifying As “Coloured” During Recent Interview (Video)

South African singer Tyla released a statement after refusing to answer a question on ‘The Breakfast Club.’
UpRoxx reports that the “Water” singer allowed her team to shut down an inquiry about her racial identity.
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When the Johannesburg, South African-bred hitmaker recently appeared on the popular radio show, Charlamagne Tha God asked her what it meant to identify as a “coloured” person. Instead of answering, Tyla looked to her team, seated behind her. A voice said, “Can we not, por favor?” In response, Charlamagne stated the show would not edit out their request to move on from the question.
In an interview with Cosmopolitan published in April, Tyla spoke about how race is identified differently in South Africa than in the United States. In South Africa, biracial people are reportedly identified as “coloured.”  However, the term was discarded by African Americans in the U.S. because it was used to identify them during the racist Jim Crow era.
After the interview,  the 22-year-old released a statement with “Aht Aht” energy. She took to her Instagram Story and posted a message stating, “Never denied my Blackness, idk where that came from.” 
She went on to explain that she was mixed with African, Irish, and Indian. Additionally, the entertainer again explained how race is identified in South Africa. She ended her statement by saying, “To close this conversation I’m both Coloured in South Africa and a black [woman]…”

During ‘The Breakfast Club’ interview, Charlamagne also asked Tyla if she had seen the framed quote Kevin Hart presented to Kai Cenat during their most recent stream. The frame held a quote of rejection from when Cenat asked her out on a date: “We friends tho.”

The “Truth or Dare” singer stated Hart and Cenat were dragging the viral moment, but it was still amusing.

Social Media Reacts To Tyla’s Statement

The Roommates weighed in on the dancer’s statement after her awkward moment on ‘The Breakfast Club.’
@jaysun_rand stated, “This is primarily an American obsession. She is from SA…We should respect her decision to at this time not be classified into the ‘American box of Race check marks.”
“Americans really think the world revolves around them. yall better travel outside of Miami and get educated,” @tumexxjr stated.

@y0_53f added, “She’s right, race isn’t your whole identity.”

Check out the interview clip and Tyla’s full statement below:
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