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Tyrese Questions Previous Marriage To Samantha Lee & Opens Up About Paying Her $20K Monthly Child Support In New Songs

Tyrese Gibson is sharing his feelings about divorce proceedings and previous marriage to his ex-wife, Samantha Lee.

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Tyrese Releases New Song “Love Transaction” & Addresses Paying His Ex-Wife Child Support

According to Apple Music, the singer released a new song titled “Love Transaction on Friday, August 25. The over 5-minute-long song delves into his feelings about the downfall of his and Lee’s marriage and his disdain for their subsequent legal proceedings.

“Flying high in everything until you took the wind from beneath my wings… Thought that love shouldn’t cost a thing. So why must I pay all these lawyer fees? Need a resolution, was it an illusion? Can’t get no satisfaction. And now you’ve got me asking… Is this love? Oh, is this love? Or is it just a transaction?…”

In the song’s second verse, Gibson reflects on his ex-wife “dragging” him “in and out of court.” Additionally, he accuses her of “trying to take” everything he’s been working for.

The singer alleges that Lee has tried to justify her financial requests by explaining they are “for what the baby needs.” However, he believes $20,000 “isn’t child support.”

“20,000 isn’t child support, we both know just who that money’s for…”

Before ending the verse, Gibson added that their daughter is now “wondering” why her parents are “not under the same roof.” As the song ends, the 44-year-old explains that Lee has left him “emotionally bankrupt.”

Listen to the song in its entirety below!


The Singer Questions His Previous Marriage In “Don’t Think You Ever Loved Me” Remix

On August 19, Gibson also released another song revealing his feelings about his previous marriage to Lee. The song is the remix to “Don’t Think You Ever Loved Me,” featuring Lenny Kravitz and Le’andria Johnson.

In the ballad, Gibson admits that he and Lee made their “mistakes” and adds that they were supposed to “be together through the good and bad.” However, Lee “folded under pressure.” He then goes on to question whether Lee “ever” loved him.

“Did you ever love me? Or was it the things I did for you? Gave you all of my heart, but I guess it wasn’t enough for you, oh no…”

Gibson adds that “when things got rough,” Lee “chose to run.”

“I don’t think you ever loved me… not like you said you did.”

He ultimately adds that this is why he believes she “quit” their “marriage” and adds that she “wasted” his “time.”

Tyrese Previously Opened Up About His Feelings About His Ex-Wife & Their Legal Proceedings

According to a recent report from Hollywood Unlocked, Tyrese exclusively revealed to the outlet that he is appealing the $20,000 monthly child support order. Additionally, he added that the previously ordered $636,000 child support payment to Lee and coverage for her legal fee also has yet to be satisfied by him.

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As The Shade Room previously reported, Gibson opened up about feeling like his previous marriage to Lee was “just a transaction” in May. The pair are currently undergoing divorce proceedings.

“I left the courtroom during my divorce trial, and I realized that it was never love; it was just a transaction… we did a whole marriage and did the whole duration of a child and starting a family, just to find out it was all about money. Status. Transaction…”

At the time, Gibson said that Lee was the “one of the best actors” he’d “ever met” in his life.

At the time, he also shared that his forthcoming music, including the singles above, would be featured on “the most important album” he’s “ever done.”

“I don’t want to sing about this divorce no more. I don’t want to sing about none of this painful s**t, heartbreaking sad s**t… even though it’s my truth and it’s the most important album that I’ve ever done… Talking about my ex, I just don’t want to do it for another two years…”

Roomies, what do you think about this?

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