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UPDATE: Jury Indicts Daniel Penny In Death Of Jordan Neely, Charges Temporarily Sealed

Nearly a month after Jordan Neely was laid to rest, Daniel Penny—the man who stranged Jordan- was indicted.

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Details Surrounding The Charges Against Daniel Penny Remain Hazy

According to ABC News, law enforcement confirms that a grand jury recently indicted the former U.S. Marine.

However, the exact charges won’t be unveiled until the 24-year-old appears in court, which won’t go down until a later date. While Daniel Penny was initially arrested on a second-degree manslaughter charge, a medical examiner later ruled the matter a homicide.

Here’s The Rundown On The Death Of Jordan Neely & Aftermath

As The Shade Room reported, Daniel Penny strangled Jordan Neely to death in a New York City subway car on May 1. Neely—a Michael Jackson impersonator—was reported to have had an outburst on the subway, and Penny reportedly held him in a chokehold for about 15 minutes until he passed away.

Following public outcry, Daniel eventually released a statement on the matter. However, Jordan’s family referred to it as “an admission of guilt” that also served as a “character assassination.”

For context, Daniel Penny called out Jordan Neely’s “documented history of violent and erratic behavior” in his statement. He also said he merely “acted to protect” subway passengers after Jordan began “aggressively threatening” others.

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A week before Neely was laid to rest, Penny was charged with manslaughter after turning himself in. He didn’t enter a plea and was released on $100,000 bond.

We should also add that an online fundraiser, which was promoted by Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.), swiftly raised millions to cover Daniel’s legal fees.

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