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WATCH: Joseline Hernandez Gets Emotional After Performing Sober For The First Time

Joseline Hernandez is accomplishing new milestones in her life and career. The 36-year-old reality star and artist recently took the stage and, afterward, shared that it was her first time performing sober in her 12-year career.

Joseline Hernandez Gets Candid With Her Audience After A Recent Performance

After completing a recent performance, Hernandez was met with a room full of applause. As the 36-year-old took the moment in, she began crying and wiping her eyes.

Shortly after, Hernandez explained why she was “so emotional” to the crowd.

The reason why I’m so emotional [is because] this is my first time that I’ve ever performed with any cocaine, without any pills…”

As Hernandez speaks, the room erupts with outstanding applause and cheers. As she continues to take the moment in, the crowd begins chanting her name.

Hernandez then tells her audience that she loves them. Additionally, she even explains why she may have relied on the substances for so long while performing.

“This is the first time, in my 12 years of performing, that I’ve… sober… I don’t know if I was always so scared to do without it because it was like my shield, but it’s like, I feel so much better without it…”

Social Media Reacts

Social media users quickly congratulated the star in The Shade Room’s comment section.

One user, @thomasadrianna1, congratulated Hernandez and added that everyone is “fighting some type of addiction.” However, everyday is a chance to make a change.

“Go girl!!!!! I’m so proud of her!! Her journey has been wild af!!! I pray she stays on this path!! we all are fighting some type of addiction, whether is food, alcohol, weed, overworking etc just know that everyday is a new day to change!!”
While another user, @kimberlyklacik, shared their perspective on drug use by performers.
“This is amazing news. Dancers that dance under the influence do it that way to hide the fact that the lifestyle truly isn’t the one they want. This means she has great potential. Congratulations ”

Hernandez Previously Reflected On An Early Experience Being Exposed To Drug Use In Puerto Rico

In 2017, Hernandez appeared as a guest on the daytime talk show ‘The Real’ and reflected on her childhood growing up in Puerto Rico. The reality star said that her family lived in the “projects, nearby a beach. This is where Hernandez experienced her first encounter with drug use.

In her story, Hernandez explained that she went one day she went outside without any shoes to meet a friend. However, when she was running by the beach was struck by a needle which got lodged into her foot.

“I went outside, and you know, we loved to go outside without any shoes, you know… we live like by the beach… So, I remember one day I was running to go meet my home girl, I was like a little kid! Um… ran and I got a needle stuck on my foot. The needle got stuck on my foot, I ran upstairs, my mama took it out, sat me on the washing machine, and gave me a kiss, I went right off on my business.”

Additionally, Hernandez explained that the neighborhood was a “drug-infested place.” However, her family “live through it,” “fought it,” and did their best to “move past it.”

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