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WATCH: Lil Durk Speaks On Whether He Believes Gunna ‘Told,’ Explains His Strong Dislike For ‘Rats’

Lil Durk is getting candid about his feelings on “rats” and whether he believes Gunna snitched in the YSL RICO trial. As The Shade Room previously reported, Gunna entered an Alford plea to racketeering and gang charges in December.

The rapper had his five-year sentence reduced to one year, then commuted to 500 hours of community service. He was released from Fulton County Jail on December 14. However, Gunna’s previous co-defendant and longtime music collaborator, Young Thug, remains behind bars.

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Lil Durk Got Candid About His Thoughts On Gunna

Lil Durk appeared as a guest on an episode of DJ Akademik’s podcast, ‘Off The Record.’ During the conversation, Durk explained whether he believes Gunna snitched in the YSL RICO trial.

“I don’t sit up here and play games, man. That man told.”

Durk said firmly.

“You should’ve went in there and kept your mouth closed.”

The rapper explained that he doesn’t take “internet games serious.”

“But if you a rat, you a rat. And if you rewind this clip a little bit, I looked into the camera and told you, ‘If you a rat, I f*****g hate you.’ But I love Thug.”

Lil Durk Explained Why He Feels So Harshly About “Rats”

In a separate clip, the Chicago-bred rapper explained why he feels so strongly about “rats.”

I hate all rats. If you ever told, you ever tell — I hate you. Like with a passion… That made me who I am today [but] it took away half of my life — motherf*****s telling on my pops, and that’s who I needed…”

Durk continued.

“So I was raised by a woman, that was my mom… So I really hate rats with [a] real passion… I hate you bad. I’m gonna look into the camera — I hate you…”

Social Media Reacts

Social media users took to The Shade Room’s Instagram comment section to share their thoughts on Durk’s firm statements. Some disagreed with the Chicago-bred rapper’s stance.

Instagram user, @blkneducated15, explained.

“Gunna has talent… he’s gonna bounce bk eventually. Durk gonna end up eating his words. Young Thug is still supporting him and has Gunnas album in his bio. If he still willing to work with him- Durk should stay out of it”

Another Instagram user, @jalana.o, posed an additional question.

“If Thugger still supports Gunna then everyone else opinion doesn’t matter. Who he snitch on if that’s the case?”
While Instagram user, @chunlibae, made a joke alluding to Lil Durk’s joint song with Gunna.
“So Gunna know what happened to Virgil then??”
As The Shade Room previously reported, Durk’s lyrics on the song ignited social media speculation that he was dissing Gunna.
“Pray for the girls who die from BBls/ what happened to Virgil/ He probably gon’ tell… I can tell you what I did for the streets/ You got paperwork, did it and reached/ I got on Clubhouse and got in the beef…”

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