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WATCH: Vivica A. Fox Shares Whether She Would Consider ‘Getting Back Together’ With 50 Cent

Vivica A. Fox is spilling the tea on whether she’d give it another shot with her former boyfriend, 50 Cent, also known as Curtis Jackson. As The Shade Room previously reported, Fox referred to the rapper as the “love” of her life in 2021.

The two briefly dated before splitting in the early 2000s, as per HotNewHipHop.

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Vivica A. Fox Is Open To A Second Chance With 50 Cent

Vivica A. Fox appeared as a recent guest on ‘SHERRI’ and remained very transparent when host, Sherri Shepherd, questioned if she’d ever rekindle a romance with her former partner.

“Would you ever think about getting back together with Mr. Curtis Jackson?”

Fox responded with a smile and casual shrug.

“Well, Ben and Jen did it again. Why not?”

Fox Shares What She’s Looking For In A Partner

As the audience erupted with applause, Shepherd reminded viewers that Fox is “very single” and “open.” She then questioned the actor, asking “what kind of man” she’s looking for.

Fox answered.

“I’m looking for a partner… a good partner. Someone that’s fun… Got their own identity. Their own career. Their own money…”

As Fox explained, Shepherd chimed in, saying that her list of preferences “sounds like Curtis Jackson.”

The actor laughed off Shepherd’s response and joked that the host was “trying to make a love connection.”

50 Cent Previously Said He Was “Never Bothered” By Vivica A. Fox Calling Him The “Love” Of Her Life

As The Shade Room previously reported, 50 Cent responded to Fox referring to him as the “love” of her life in 2021.

I’m never bothered by when she says that… She’ll always say — if you listen to her — she’ll say, I would have been private. It got so uncomfortable because everybody else… when you get pushed and pulled in different directions without it even being her decision…”

Before 50 Cent responded, Fox shared her feelings during an interview on VladTV.

“The love that I had for him – and still to this day… he was the love of my life, I will admit that without any reservations. He will always have a very special place in my heart.”

At the time, Fox also agreed with 50 Cent’s sentiment that their relationship became “public way too fast.” She even added that if she could do it over again, she would choose for them to keep their romance “private” for “a lot longer.”

Roomies, what do you think about Vivica A. Fox’s most recent statements?


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