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WELP: Kenya Moore Says Marlo Hampton ‘Ruined’ #RHOA & Blasts ‘Boring’ Courtney Rhodes–‘You Don’t Deserve To Be A Housewife’

Kenya Moore isn’t holding back when it comes to her thoughts on #RHOA.

After publicly wondering if scenes featuring her hair salon were edited out, the Real Housewife of Atlanta is alleging that favoritism is being shown toward someone who “ruined” the show.

Source: AB+DM (Ahmad Barber and Danté Maurice) / Bravo

In part two of her sit down on Carlos King’s Reality with the King podcast, Kenya was asked to weigh in on #RHOA season 15 which will air its finale on Sunday.

In particular, King straightforwardly asked the housewife;

“Did Marlo Hampton single-handedly ruin the past two seasons of The Real Housewives of Atlanta?”

To which Kenya responded;

“Chile, would you get out of my head? Honestlu, I don’t even have to think about that question, it is a yes.”

Kenya went on to say that making a “fan” of the show a housewife was a mistake.

“It is a reason why you didn’t get a peach for 10 years. When you start coming for somebody whos’s 10 years a star, that’s a problem.”

Kenya says Marlo ruined the past two seasons of #RHOA: “You can’t make a fan into a housewife. It is a reason why you didn’t get a peach in 10 yrs.”

— Queens of Bravo (@queensofbravo) August 22, 2023

She went on to add that she realized during last season’s reunion that the producers were trying to justify Marlo having a peach despite her “not deserving it.”

“Marlo is the quintessential example of why you do not make a friend of the show a housewife,” said Kenya.” I feel like the desperation from her reeks because she needs that peach. I think the power is when you don’t need it.”

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty

While not naming names she also alleged that several people have noticed the preferential treatment Marlo has gotten and they’ve got questions.

“So many comments are like, who is she blowing on production?!” said Kenya before going on to allege that the new housewife is being protected.

“And that is what has taken the wind out of me this season in part. Because I’m like, ‘No matter what I do, I was never protected. And that makes me f*****g angry as a housewife.”

“I was never protected. I was always the one that everybody came for [and] production was like, ‘We don’t GAF.’ And I got all the smoke, and I got no protection.”

Kenya says she has never been protected as a HW, her scenes are being cut out, Marlo is being favored, and then brought up Marlo using a gay slur in Season 4 #RHOA

— Queens of Bravo (@queensofbravo) August 21, 2023

A bewildered Kenya also wondered why several of her scenes have seemingly been left on the cutting room floor.

“Group scenes, all kind of scenes of mine got conveniently cut out,” shared Kenya. “Storylines of mine got conveniently cut out, but somehow an angel with foster care scene turns up, and that makes the cut.  My business storyline half of it was cut out.  I’m literally building a multi-million dollar company before your eyes, and they are not showing the steps to do that.”


What do you call it when they pay you to do a job? Last time I checked it’s called work. I’ve never in my life paid a man. This is a rumor started by former cast masters. Now go back to your JOB if you have one bc last time I checked playing on twitter doesn’t pay. #cleared

— KENYA MOORE (@KenyaMoore) August 22, 2023

Marlo Hampton isn’t the only one who caught the #RHOA wrath of Kenya Moore, hit the flip to see her (super shady) comments about Courtney Rhodes.

“ How can I not be bored? I got to work with people like Courtney” @KenyaMoore is FUNNY AS HELL #RealityWithTheKing

— ℕ𝔸𝕋𝔼. (@LeoStateOfMind) August 22, 2023

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