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Wendy Williams’ Son Kevin Jr. Fears Mom’s Life is in Jeopardy, Blames Her Team for Her Downfall

Kevin Hunter Jr., son of Wendy Williams, is breaking his silence because he is terribly concerned about his mother’s health. So much so, he fears she’s “near death.” The 22-year-old is blaming the people around her, claiming that they’re taking advantage of her wealth, fame, and inability to make sound decisions amid her battle with severe alcoholism. Read his concerning interview inside…

For the first time ever, Kevin Hunter Jr., the only son of Wendy Williams, has expressed deep concern for his mother’s well-being and pointed fingers at her team for her distressing downward spiral. This marks Kevin’s first-ever interview on the matter.

In an interview with The U.S. Sun, the 22-year-old college student said it seems like the focus on Wendy’s health has taken a backseat while those around her are shamelessly cashing in on the projects she’s a part of. He criticized his mother’s inner circle, accusing them of taking advantage of her wealth, fame, and inability to make sound decisions amidst her battle with severe alcoholism.

According to him, Wendy’s mental and physical health have been in jeopardy since she was placed under guardianship last year.

Expressing his frustration, Kevin revealed, “I know there are all sorts of things happening that I know in her right mind she would never agree to. As hard as it is seeing her being taken advantage of, I know that if I’m making sure she, as a person, is okay, that is the important thing. Because eventually, she’s going to realize the craziness that’s been going on.”

Exploiting Wendy’s Vulnerability

Confirming recent reports, Kevin disclosed that the former daytime talk show host was hospitalized last month in New York, a fact he learned from Wendy’s jeweler turned manager, Will Selby. According to Kevin, it was the first contact he had with Will in several months.

Curiously, at the time of the interview, Kevin claimed to have received no updates from Wendy’s team, her guardianship, or the court regarding her release from the hospital or her alleged relocation outside of New York. This contradicts Wendy’s representative, Shawn Zanotti, who had previously denied the hospitalization and stated that Wendy was not in New York.

Just days before the highly anticipated Atlanta Women’s Expo on May 20th, Wendy made the difficult decision to step back from her scheduled speaking engagement. The reason? Her health seems to be taking a toll, and it was apparent that she needed to prioritize her well-being.

Concerned about the people around Wendy who continue to profit from her, Kevin stated, “What’s been made more important by the people around her is that while her health may not be great, she needs to keep on earning income, and in my opinion that should not be a priority at all. And whoever has been hired – they are taking advantage of someone who needs to get better.”

Kevin candidly revealed that his mother’s health has been on a downward spiral ever since she resided with him in Florida from late 2021 to the spring of 2022.

Addressing his mother’s alcoholism, Kevin highlighted the severity of the issue, explaining, “I know the rate that she uses alcohol isn’t like a normal person- and we’ve spoken about it. I’ve said ‘This is one thing where you don’t know how to approach it normally, and that’s fine.’

”And it’s gotten to a point where yes, it could have that effect that it might be fatal because it affects her way worse than a normal person since it stays in her system,” Kevin claimed. 

Wendy’s son expressed his belief that certain individuals are aware of Wendy’s drinking problem but are taking advantage of it while allowing it to worsen. He revealed that Wendy spent nearly three months in a Malibu rehab for alcoholism from August to October of 2022, during which time she allegedly signed contracts for working arrangements with her jeweler and manager, Will.

”There are a lot of people who are very aware that there is an issue with her drinking, and how that issue may be helped, but I think these people are taking advantage of it while allowing it to play out to make it look like they aren’t causing the issue,” Kevin said.

When The Sun asked for comment on the various allegations against him Will Selby said:

“No comment because half of this stuff isn’t even true, majority of this is false.”

When asked for further clarification, Will insisted he saw Kevin and spoke to him in April in Miami.

“I was in Miami with Kevin. I forced him to have a conversation because he seemed a little disgruntled. I spoke to him face to face, 1000%. I was like, ‘If there’s a problem, let’s talk. If there’s an issue, let’s have a conversation,'” Will said.

When pushed in yet another request for comment to expand on any additional points, Will responded: “There is so much here that is inaccurate it’s really not worth me commenting.”


Moreover, Kevin criticized the handling of Wendy’s unscripted project, stating that it went against his advice for her to avoid putting herself in front of the camera. Declining the $25,000 offer to be part of the project meant rejecting a potentially lucrative opportunity, but Kevin firmly believed it was a contract Wendy should not have agreed to.

Behind Wendy’s Guardianship

Kevin also voiced his concerns about Wendy’s guardian, Sabrina Morrissey, alleging a lack of communication with the family and questionable actions. He claimed that Sabrina has pushed the family away and has been vague with updates, raising doubts about her intentions and potential conflicts of interest.

Following the freezing of Wendy’s bank accounts by Wells Fargo, a legal intervention took place in the form of guardianship. Startling court documents indicated suspicions of “financial exploitation, dementia, or undue influence” surrounding the beloved star.

“It’s been really sad what’s been allowed to happen, and ever since the court hearings ended, something just has to be brought to light about what’s going on and how much people are taking in this situation.

“In terms of who is there now, people have put other things in front of her actually healing and getting better, and unfortunately, unlike many other alcoholics, she is worth a lot more money.”

Wendy’s son continued: “I know that Sabrina has a relationship with the jeweler, and I would assume though that they are cool with each other. This is how this was created.

“And it seems like it’s more about making sure he is okay.

“I don’t know what the ultimate goal is for [Sabrina] as the person in charge of stuff, but there have never been articles put out saying [Wendy] isn’t okay.”

Wendy’s son hit out at the guardian’s handling of Wendy, and her lack of communication with the star’s family. 

“I don’t feel like Sabrina has done a great job at all.

When asked if he had a plan in all of this, Wendy’s son said:

“The plan is that I am hoping and praying that the people who are up there [in New York] with her right now don’t lead her down the path to where something can’t happen to help her. 

“If there was a way or if there was a plan I could think of I wouldn’t be here doing this interview. I would be doing something that I could do.”

Kevin added that he thinks something has gone seriously wrong with the way things have been set up for Wendy.

“In terms of what is and what isn’t; when she was with me, none of these articles of her not looking well ever came out. When she got dragged back up there [to New York City] after the court hearings, that started happening, and from that perspective, something has gone wrong.”

So sad he’s having to deal with this. As Wendy Williams battles her personal demons, her devoted son Kevin Jr. remains steadfast in his determination to protect his mother and shed light on the troubling dynamics surrounding her.



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