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Y’all Good? Ari Fletcher Sends Spicy Message To Moneybagg Yo After He Tweeted THIS

Ari Fletcher sent a spicy message to Moneyybagg Yo after he shared a few words about falling out with people in his life.

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Here’s What Moneybagg Yo Said & How Ari Fletcher Replied

On Monday, June 24, Moneybagg took to X, formerly known as Twitter, with a brief message. The rapper wrote, “Watch out for ppl in yo life dat look for a reason to fall out with u.”

In the subsequent hours, the rapper’s tweet racked up over three million views. Among those who appeared to peep his words was his girlfriend, Fletcher.

Around midnight on Tuesday, June 25, Fletcher reposted her boyfriend’s tweet with a few words of her own.

“You ain’t really trying to play this game is you? I’ll finish it on this b***h,” she wrote.

Social Media Weighs In

Moneybagg hasn’t yet returned to X to publicly respond to his girlfriend’s words. However, users quickly weighed in on Fletcher’s spicy message in the comment section of her tweet.

One user remarked on Fletcher and Moneybagg exchanging words “every two weeks.”

Y’all do this every two weeks

— . (@yah_deh1) June 25, 2024

While another user encouraged them to start using each other’s phone numbers.

yall got each other number . yall too grown fa ts

— ʙɪɢɢᴇꜱᴛ (@thebnia) June 25, 2024

One X user even encouraged Fletcher to start using her phone number.

what happened?? Call me real quick

— Ahz★ (@Ahziiii) June 25, 2024

Another X user simply posed a question for Fletcher.

how’d you know he was talking about you

— laced twittter (@lacedtwittter) June 25, 2024

Meanwhile, reactions continued to be shared in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user @fla.deno_ wrote, mane they in the same crib arguin on twitter ”
While Instagram user @__lexxiiissss added, At this point I wouldn’t even pay them no mind tbh.”
Instagram user @ladysmurf39 wrote,Her hair in a bonnet cursing him out and he on the toilet ”

While Instagram user @getthequeeninyolife added, When a woman get like this, she fed up & done playing games.”

Instagram user @pretty___yai wrote, This behavior so childish to me”
While Instagram user @legendary_berry added, I miss the days where people handled business in person & NOT on social media ”
Instagram user @courtguwop wrote, They’re human. They get caught up in their emotions & run to the net sometimes just like normal ppl… Idk why yall think celebrities in humane or hold them to a certain standard ”
While Instagram user @all4zav added, I miss the days when we didn’t know about relationship problems on the internet.”
Instagram user @theshadeborough wrote, Her responses are undefeated ”

Fletcher Recently Shared Words With One Of the Moms Of The Rapper’s Kids

Fletcher dropped a few “undefeated” responses a few weeks ago when she exchanged words with one of the mothers of Moneybagg’s children. The ordeal seemingly left Fletcher with the last word.

As The Shade Room previously reported, in May, Fletcher took to Instagram to share a photo rocking a shirt that read, “HIS EX IS MY BIGGEST FAN.”

Hours later, the mother of one of the rapper’s children replied with her own T-shirt flex. Additionally, her shirt read, “TELL YOUR BOYFRIEND TO STOP CALLING ME.”

The subliminal exchange prompted Moneybagg to drop a message alleging he had no part in the women’s spat.

“Aint nobody talkn about me,” he wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

But Fletcher called cap on his words and accused the mother of one of his kids of stalking and harassing her for the past five years.

The mother, who goes by @juiccybabyyy on Instagram, denied Fletcher’s allegations by taking to her Instagram Story to write, “5 YEARS OF WHATTT? YEAH SOMEBODY BEEN MISLEADING YOU REAL BAD JIGSAW!!…”

From there, the exchange only heated up with Fletcher accusing the woman of living in an Airbnb and “promoting fraud.” In response, the woman denied the allegations before Fletcher dropped a final message.

“Drop some receipts or leave it on the play ground,” Fletcher wrote on X.

At that point, their exchange ended.

Drop some receipts or leave it on the play ground.

— KYLESISTER (@AriTheDon) May 22, 2024


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