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Yikes: Wakanda Forever’s Tenoch Huerta Accused Of Sexual Assault By Mexican Saxophonist

Tenoch Huerta – Source: Mike Coppola / Getty

Wakanda Forever’s Tenoch Huerta has been accused of sexual assault by Mexican saxophonist Maria Elena Rios.

Disney and Marvel Studios have dominated Hollywood with the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the past two decades. After Avengers Endgame the studios are now laying out the future with fresh faces. One thing that they haven’t faced before is off-set controversy from their top actors interfering with plans. Jonathan Majors is a key piece to the interconnected plot for the foreseeable future. His alleged assault of his partner in NYC has left his future with Marvel up in the air.

According to CBR another scandal has come to light after Tenoch Huerta was accused of sexual assault. Huerta won crowds over in Wakanda Forever bringing Namor the sub-mariner to life and gaining the approval of Marvel fans. Musician and Activist Maria Elena Rios took to social media to call out Huerta for being a violent sexual predator. Previously she took a break from Poder Prieto which is an anti-racism group in Mexico. The group published a podcast involving her which lead to her addressing the situation on social media. She alleged she left the group due to them protecting Tenoch and his behavior and asked to not be mentioned going forward.

Les dejé muy claro a mi salida de su secta que protege al violentador y DEPREDADOR sexual de @TenochHuerta que no publicaran nada de mí. Todavía fueron a buscarme a un concierto bola de hipócritas para evitar escándalos por su película de @MarvelLATAM.

No ando jugando @LaMZapata

— •𝐄𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐚 𝐑í𝐨𝐬 🎷 (@_ElenaRios) June 10, 2023

[translated from Spanish], “It is very difficult to talk about the emotional abuse and abuse of power of a sexual predator who is loved in the world for playing a movie character like @TenochHuerta. Charming in appearance, the great hallmark of a narcissist + a good helping of victimization.”

She also addressed those asking why she didn’t speak up sooner and why she didn’t report the assault.

“‘And why didn’t you report?’ They say those who live in a macho country, where justice is unattainable where they almost kill you and still they don’t believe you or justice comes. And no, I don’t want to be famous. And no, I don’t want money because I know how to work.”

“¿Y por qué no denunciaste?”

Dicen los que viven en un país machista, donde la justicia es inalcanzable donde casi te matan y ni aún así te creen ni llega la justicia.

• Y no, no quiero ser famosa.
• Y no, no quiero dinero porque sé trabajar.

— •𝐄𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐚 𝐑í𝐨𝐬 🎷 (@_ElenaRios) June 11, 2023

While Rios didn’t offer exact details she continued to express that people refuse to believe “a SUPER HERO is an abuser, manipulator and sexual predator”. Marvel nor Tenoch have responded to the claims but given the situation, a statement should be imminent.

¿Por qué me tarde en hablarlo?
Porque tengo un proceso.

¿Por qué no denuncié?
Porque me dio miedo de que esto pasara: personas que se resisten a creer que un SÚPER HÉROE es abusador, manipulador y depredador sexual .

Si, tú @TenochHuerta abusas porque sabes que tienes poder.

— •𝐄𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐚 𝐑í𝐨𝐬 🎷 (@_ElenaRios) June 11, 2023

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