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YK Osiris Apologizes For Trying To Kiss Sukihana Without Her Consent: ‘I Am Embarrassed By My Behavior’

In the aftermath of YK Osiris attempting to kiss Sukihana on the lips without her consent, the “Worth It” singer is offering Suki a public apology.

However, as Sukihana seemingly steps back from social media, her mother says she isn’t here for the gesture—though Meek Mill is asking for YK to get some grace.

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YK Osiris Acknowledges He “Violated Sukihana’s Boundaries”

YK Osiris shared his apology on Wednesday (June 14) via Instagram. Within his upload, he declared that he “misread the moment and violated Sukihana’s boundaries.”

After acknowledging that he understands “the importance of consent,” he took “full accountability” for his behavior.

“I have the utmost admiration for Sukihana and it was never my intention to disrespect her.”

The matter unfolded after a video circulated showing Sukihana dodging two unexpected kisses from YK Osiris, as The Shade Room previously reported.

Viewers chimed in and blasted YK on Twitter as the clip picked up steam online. Peep what some people had to say down below.

Later, The Shade Room acquired an exclusive video clip from the moments leading up to the kiss, which shows Suki telling YK, “I’m gon’ turn yo’ a*s out.”

Shortly after, YK tells Suki to “Holla” at him, and Sukihana responds by exclaiming, “Did this just happen? Oh my God.”

We also have to note that Sukihana seemingly addressed the situation on Twitter once the conversation took off, noting that she’s “hurt” and “scared to stand up for [herself].” She appears to have ultimately deactivated her account.

Sukihana’s Mother & Meek Mill Chime In: “Protect Suki!”

After YK Osiris’ apology, Sukihana’s mother slammed the gesture as “fake.”

She also proclaimed, “When I catch you, it’s still up.” 

While Suki’s mother isn’t here for YK, Meek Mill encourages people to give the 24-year-old grace for being “a good kid.”

“Don’t do this to him please he a good kid.”

However, he didn’t completely let YK off the hook, as he suggested that he should be “slap[ped]” and handled “on some street s**t.”

“Just slap him and he gotta let you something … We don’t need our young bulls tore down for mistakes in this hyper sexual era … I support Suki … hold that s**t down on some street s**t.”

In another message, Meek Mill spoke on how internet bashing and “shaming” negatively impact “people who need strength.”

While Meek suggested that the situation be handled the old-fashioned way, he ultimately said he’d “mind [his] business.

“He might gotta rumble Suki brother anything but this the same internet tear each other down stuff! Suki can do what she wants she feels violated… but let me mind my business.”

His last message on the situation read, “And protect Suki! YK you a dh! Go back to church stop following the heathens!”

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