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You ARE The Father: Maury Povich Launches ‘The Results Are In’ At-Home Paternity Test

Maury – Source: David Livingston / Getty

Maury Povich finally launches ‘The Results Are In’ for at-home paternity testing, based on his iconic talk show catchphrase.

Former talk show host Maury Povich should be on a beach enjoying retirement sipping margaritas and not worried about anything. However, it seems he has other plans and is becoming a full-time businessman. His first order of business is capitalizing on his catchphrase “The results are in”. According to TMZ, Povich is getting into the at-home DNA testing business. When it comes to passive income this may be the best layup we have seen in some time. His The Results Are In kits will include instructions, and samples will be sent to DNA Diagnostics Center.

“I’ve seen firsthand how DNA testing can change lives and bring families together. With ‘The Results Are In,’ we’re making it easier and more affordable than ever before for people to get the answers they need.”- Maury said in a statement to TMZ.

Unfortunately, you do not get a camera in your face as you get the results read by Maury. Maybe if we are lucky he will join Cameo soon for custom videos to add to the experience. Furthermore, Povich says results come back in 2-3 business days with 99% accuracy and 100% confidentiality.

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