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You Can’t Be Serious! Susan Lorincz Will Not Face Murder Charges For Gunning Down Ajike Owens In Front Of Her Children

Source: Marion County Sheriff’s Office/Ben Crump / MCSO

As if this story wasn’t already infuriating and heartbreaking enough…

Susan Lorincz, the Florida woman who fatally shot her neighbor Ajike AJ Owens, will not face a whiff of a murder charge according to a new report by CNN. State Attorney Bill Gladson held a press conference on Monday to announce that Lorincz will only be charged with one count of manslaughter with a firearm and one count of assault.

Gladson says that his office considered murder charges but ultimately decided against it because they would have to prove that Lorincz was of “depraved mind” at the time that she committed the crime. Now, we haven’t passed the bar exam nor did we stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. However, what could possibly be more depraved than shooting a woman dead through the door of your house while her children are standing there? If that isn’t “depraved”, then nothing is.

“As deplorable as the defendant’s actions were in this case, there is insufficient evidence to prove this specific and required element of second-degree murder,” the statement read. “While some may not agree with that decision, I can assure you that the decision was thoughtful and made without consideration of any factors other than the specific facts of this terrible crime.”

Lorincz faces 30 years in prison if she is convicted on all counts.

Ajike Owens’ Family Speaks Out About Susan Lorincz Charges

It goes without saying that manslaughter and assault are not the charges that Ajike Owens’ family wants to see. Owens’ mother Pamela Dias spoke to Fox35Orlando and expressed her devastation at the games that are being played in her family’s faces.

“How do I explain to AJ’s children, my young grand babies, that the loss of their mother’s life is still not being taken seriously?” she said. “Only a living, breathing AJ would be true justice, and today’s charge could not be further from that.”

Bill Gladson can say whatever he wants, these charges are BS and if he isn’t confident that his office can successfully prosecute this layup of a case, then he should resign and find something he’s good at.

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