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You’re Under Arrest: Donald Trump To Be Arraigned In Miami For Shady Dealings With Classified Documents And Obstructing Justice

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Welp, today is the day!

Donald Trump is set to be arraigned in the city of Miami for the 36-count federal indictment that came down against him last week for mishandling highly classified documents and obstruction of justice. Trump scampered away from the White House with the sensitive files following his embarrassing loss to Joe Biden in the 2016 election and did everything in his power to stop the feds from retrieving the materials once they became aware that they were in his possession.

According to CNN, 53% of white women’s President will be placed under arrest and taken into custody by US Marshals while he awaits a visit with the judge. Sadly, there are no plans to take a mugshot of the dastardly Dorito.

Source: Joe Raedle / Getty

An issue of concern for the city of Miami is the potential for unruly protests and violence by those who religiously suck Trump’s kneecaps. As you can imagine, a great many of those types reside in Florida and they are none-too-pleased that their zaddy has to face the same type of legal consequences that anyone else would if they stole classified files from the White House.

Source: Pacific Press / Getty

Yesterday, Miami Mayor Francis X. Suarez, a Republican, held a press conference to encourage the peaceful voicing of opinions and to assure the public that he and the local police departments are prepared for the smoke…

Miami’s mayor told the public that security forces ‘are ready’ for the possibility of protests ahead of Donald Trump’s scheduled court appearance to face a criminal indictment

— Reuters (@Reuters) June 12, 2023

For those who may be wondering what effect this indictment has on Trump’s revenge tour to win back the White House, we’ll tell you right now, it has zero effect. Trump can still legally run for POTUS despite all of his criminal shenanigans because the United States Constitution only has a few caveats for those seeking the highest office in the land. The person must be a natural-born citizen, they must be at least 35 years old, and a resident of the US for at least 14 years. The only other disqualifying stipulations are the terms limits set by the 22nd amendment (a person can only serve two terms in office), impeachment (Trump was convicted by the House twice but acquitted by the Senate twice), and insurrection against the U.S. Many would argue that Trump clearly violated that last bit but legally, he’s free and clear.

If you care, there is a live stream outside of Trump’s residency that will document his journey to the courthouse in Miami for this historic arrest.

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