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Beyond the Facade: The Shocking Truth Behind Da’Naia Jackson and Derrick Jaxn’s Turbulent Love Story

Scandal, betrayal, and hidden truths—get ready for an inside look into the tumultuous relationship of Da’Naia Jackson and Derrick Jaxn. In an explosive interview, Da’Naia, the estranged wife of the famous author and relationship expert, bared her soul, unveiling shocking revelations about their turbulent journey together. Highlights from Part 1 of her interview inside…

After announcing their divorce in December 2022, Da’Naia Jackson breaks her silence for the first time.

In a recent interview with the “Dear Wifey Podcast,” Da’Naia Jackson, the estranged wife of relationship guru and YouTube personality Derrick Jaxn, opened up about her tumultuous relationship with him.

The conversation shed light on the couple’s journey, their struggles, and the challenges they faced throughout their marriage. As Da’Naia’s story unfolded, it became evident that her life had been far from ordinary, and her experiences with Derrick were problematic from the beginning.

Da’Naia’s path first crossed with Derrick during their time at Tuskegee University. Little did she know that this seemingly chance encounter would eventually lead to a long-lasting and complicated relationship. Growing up in Denver, Colorado, Da’Naia’s upbringing was shaped by the circumstances of her birth, with her parents being teenagers at the time. These early experiences molded her character, ultimately influencing her choices and decisions in life.

During the podcast interview, Da’Naia bravely shared a deeply personal and traumatic experience she endured at the age of 19. She revealed that she had been raped, offering a glimpse into the resilience and strength that carried her forward. It was just three weeks after this harrowing incident that she encountered Derrick in a Business Calculus class. Despite the emotional baggage she carried, Da’Naia found herself drawn to Derrick’s charm, charisma, and sense of humor. His initial approach, mistaking her for a model, piqued her interest, and they soon embarked on a journey that would shape the next nine years of their lives.

Recalling their early days as a couple, Da’Naia explained that she and Derrick dated on and off throughout their time in college. However, it was no secret that infidelity had tainted their relationship even during those formative years. Da’Naia candidly admitted to witnessing Derrick’s indiscretions firsthand, even capturing some of his encounters on her phone. Fear of rejection and a desire to avoid confrontation prevented her from addressing these painful incidents directly.

In fact, she confessed that she had become intimately familiar with the bodies of the women her husband had been unfaithful with, knowing them better than her own. Watch the clip below:

Da’Naia’s account of her relationship with Derrick took a surprising turn when she revealed that she had become pregnant during a period when they were not in a committed relationship. Having undergone three previous abortions, she found herself unable to terminate the pregnancy this time.

Before she got pregnant with his baby, she admitted there was a “line-up” of women he was dealing with. Passing each other in stairwells, she humorously revealed that during her designated time with him, she playfully remarked, “This is my shift from this time to this time.” Peep the clip below:


As their relationship progressed, Da’Naia found herself isolated from her own family, leaning heavily on Derrick’s. She described the significant role his mother played in their story, particularly during their engagement. Despite her reservations about Derrick, his mother supported their union, a gesture that held deep significance for Da’Naia. Her connection with Derrick’s family became a source of stability and, in a way, a sign that she had triumphed over the other women in his life. Hmph.

The interview took a shocking turn when Da’Naia revealed an incident involving a woman Derrick had been intimate with, who also happened to cut his hair. The uncertainty surrounding these encounters leading up to their wedding left Da’Naia devastated. Seeking solace, she sought the help of three therapists, ultimately settling on one to navigate the emotional turmoil. At the time of their wedding, Da’Naia was six months pregnant with their second child, keeping this fact hidden from nearly everyone.

Da’Naia also touched upon her experience with fame and the behind-the-scenes involvement she had in Derrick’s rise to prominence. While not in the limelight herself, she played an integral role in managing the team, overseeing customer service, and participating in the hiring process. She talked about reaping the benefits of having a spouse in the limelight.

Da’Naia’s insights into the hidden aspects of Derrick’s career shed light on the complexities of their relationship and the blurred lines between their public and private lives.

Watch the full interview below:

For part 2 of the interview (coming soon), Da’Naia will address the infamous “bonnet video” where she defended Derrick’s actions after he was put on blast for cheating.

Stay tuned…

Photo: Da’Naia’s IG

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